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Been meaning to do this, but.....

So a couple of years ago, I ran across a virus on my work computer. My IT guy spent some time on the phone with me and probably 4-5 hours minimum trying to clean the computer. He got it running and it seemed to be ok. A couple of weeks later, a box pops up on my doorstep and my office sent me a new desktop to replace it. It was a nice and shiny all in one Dell Vostro. However, me being the lazy/procrastinating person I am left it in the corner and continued to use the other one. Yeah I am that lazy some times, especially when it comes to computers. I hate switching them as I always have to spend days/weeks getting them set back up exactly how I want them, I lose emails, favorites etc. (probably some easy way to save all of this, but Im too uninterested to learn). Anyways.... yes probably over a year later, I finally got aggravated with the slowness of the old computer, partially prompted by realizing I was running IE8 and couldn't upgrade because the machine was running XP still, and pulled the new one out and got it set up. Of course I had to have my IT guy call me and walk me through getting the wireless to work, but hey I have a new computer now.....AND HOLY CRAP! What a difference. I am so irritated that I waited this long to get it out. probably 1000% faster, no lag when switching windows, its freaking awesome! Which is typical. Why the heck did I wait so long?

So what things does everyone else procrastinate doing that when they finally do it ends up being worth doing?
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I'm running a 4 year old machine at work. I just watched a bunch of people get new machines.... half of those folks will be retiring in a year (or less) so hopefully I can beg/borrow/steal one of those unless (like I've been told now for over a year) I finally get my own new machine.

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We are supposed to get new machines every 2 years at work. I hate it because I have to set everything up again. I made my last one last almost 5 years. We are so slow up get new versions of basic things (like IE) that it doesn't really matter. I think new machines started coming with windows 7 as of 6-9 months ago.

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I just got a new machine and it is worse then my old one. It is faster but sure has a lot of issues.

We are upgrading servers now and had to replace everything that ran XP.
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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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Getting your laptop stolen is a great way to switch? I was forced to move from 7 year old core2duo running xp to an i5. Good thing I have backups of my work.
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