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Originally Posted by blitz121 View Post
Odd, I didn't realize that save phace made welding helmets.
That's where they started
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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
I'm gonna pop some aggs.
Only got 20 rounds in my pocket.
I'm huntin'
Looking for some cover,
This is ****ing awesome.
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Originally Posted by blitz121 View Post
I always wear my safety glasses under my hood, never know when a piece of random slag with fly in there. We usually were taught to use the words "Cover!" before striking anything other than torch.
Yes, something like this was supposed to happen. Instead he asked me question, before I was even finished answering he just turned around a struck it.
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Originally Posted by Keys_JR View Post
Yes, something like this was supposed to happen. Instead he asked me question, before I was even finished answering he just turned around a struck it.
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Welding tips: Fire will always find a hole in your gloves, and wear a respirator as welding gives off plenty of nasty breath-ables.
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As a new welder, here is what I have picked up

New Mask, auto adjustable, spend a hundred or so you will love the ability to see! Plus you weld much better too:P

Always put your gloves on first! (even when you think "Aw, its just a quick grind/weld/etc") BAM You just ground off your knuckle!!!! .......(as I go change my bandaid!) Seriously ALWAYS STOP and get your gloves, shield and fire extinguisher etc

My welding area stocks a spray UV sunscreen I have found I cant weld in the leathers for long periods of times, and I do mig in short/tank shirts......but that first burn freaking hurt

Other than that be safe, I been getting free scrap from a local lawn mower/small engine shop Free blades, handles, decks etc. I am actually making a forge out of free stuff so I can start heating the metal too

It is a fun hobby/skill and I cant wait for fall/winter so my shop is cooler

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If they supply everything, you don't need to buy it... but having your own stuff is good.
I do recommend having your own gloves. Gloves are one thing I hate sharing if I have half a chance, especially ones at school, with their terrible upkeep.
Long shirt, long pants. Boots are a big plus, but at least proper shoes. You can wear a button-up Dickies shirt over a T day after day if it's just in class, but make sure you don't wear old frayed jeans. I think you can imagine how I know that one.
Make sure you know where all the fire extinguishers are, preferably one per bay or two, and know what to do if the gauge says 'Full' but that darn thing doesn't work.
Your teacher probably knows. He'll beat the fire out with a board. You can imagine how I know that, too.
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Dont expose any skin to the light produced by arc welding, you should do your best not to breath any of the fumes either. If you are MIG or Stick welding wear a head covering that covers your head and the back of your neck as those two process can throw an appalling amount of splatter and can really burn your scalp and neck. A backwards ball cap works well enough for that. Properly prepped TIG welds won't throw much, if any splatter.

I like TIG gloves but they are too light if you are throwing heavy beads with MIG/Stick. Do not use gloves with holes in them, your bound to burn yourself. Just like in paintball don't skimp on your mask/helmet, I didn't realize how restrictive older helmets are until I used a higher end mask with a nice big lens.

Once you've positioned yourself to start welding tug at your clothing to pull out any folds in the fabric, you don't want to leave any place for the sparks to collect. You want all the splatter to bounce and roll off of you, but you should expect to light on fire at least once. Don't panic unless you want to be laughed at, if you feel a hot spot on your clothing(i.e. your on fire) proceed calmly, you'll do your self more good taking a measured action than flailing wildly.

Edit: My last Welding instructor told me that the difference between an amateur and a professional welder is the amount and quality of prep work done before striking an arc.

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Overhead welding is fun :0/
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Well, this being a persistent necro posts may well, some day be helpful to someone searching.

As a welder for the last 20+ years. My advice is get a shade 12-13 lens, no auto dark bull**** and enjoy the gift of eyesight for as long as it lasts.
Originally Posted by Wraith View Post
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