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Originally Posted by Rancid1845 View Post
It probably layed eggs in your mouth while you slept.
Ugh, time to chug a cup of bleach or a few shots of ever clear followed by a match.

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Go to Saudi Arabia and meet the Camel Spider. Looks like a hairless tarantula. One came in the front door of our GP med. and was almost out the back before 15 army guys could kill it.Fast!!!, and we guess befor a boot splattered it to have been about 6 in. across. No body slept well that night. Shudder and shake at the memory. I'll take a scorpion over that bast....d any day! Don't be stupid go see a doc and don't risk a 4 in hole in you like a friend of mine bitten by a recluse did.Most spider venom dissolves the flesh so they can eat soup. Runamok soup is not going to be on the menu if I have a chance to splatter it first. Could almost justify unlimited rof for me. Eat paint M......
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Wow, I can't believe I just read this whole thread. Now I'm going to have to go do something about that little bathroom spider I have. I don't know how he does it, but he know my weakness. I don't see him until I have to take a s***, and all of the sudden he randomly pops out of some corner of the bathroom and just sits there at a safe distance, watching. The second I get up he vanishes.
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That spider has a sick fetish. You better get rid of him before he puts your pictures on the "Web" I keep hearing about.
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Originally Posted by BillyTheKid View Post

No Vault Dweller, that ain't no Cazador. Meet The Tarantula Hawk. The solution to all spider problems, just train a few of these bad boys. They hunt and kill spiders like it's nobody beeneez.

Nice fallout reference
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