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Space Shuttle's Solid Rocket Boosters HiDef Video.

Turn up the volume, sit back, and be amazed.

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...this is MCB, no such thing as excessive...
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I get bored, like really bored. So I like to make siege weapons.
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That was pretty cool!
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Good stuff right there.
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I wonder what NASA used for go pros.
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Wish I had sound for that. Very cool!

Andry : )

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Funny thing, I have an old 16mm film showing tests of the boosters used in the Titan 3c (used for the Gemini & Apollo series, before the Shuttle).

The tests would turn the whole booster upside-down and measure the thrust with it firing downward on a scale buried in the ground.

The film came from the United Technology Center division of United Aircraft in Coyote, CA. The parent company took the name United Technologies back in the late '60s so the film has to be about 50 years old. I inherited it along with a bunch of other stuff from the same place, my Father worked there and would take me along to watch when they did test firings.
(so any "Moon Landing Hoaxers" can kiss my backside. I don't care if you're right or wrong, the space program supported my family during my childhood, I was a witness.)

I should find someone who could convert old 16mm film to digital, it would be cool to be able to show it.
Not as exciting as video riding the vehicle, just solid propellant booster rockets running while standing on their head, mounted in a bay dug into the California hillside.
But it would be an obscure piece of history.
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