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Theatrics Question... Paintball Related.

A good friend is a theatre major who is directing a play. He needs fairly realistic pistol fire on two targets on stage. Red fill paint is a must - but we are looking for an INEXPENSIVE semi-auto pistol that would be realistic.

Post up your votes and why.

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Is he firing at live targets, like people? And can the safety of those watching be garunteed?
I would suggest cap guns, and do a google search on special effects simulating a bullet hit. There are some out there cheap enough. I would very much using a marker onstage.
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i'd steer away from paintball guns. having seen some of the antics that transpire backstage, i'd be greatly fearful of using anything that fired actual projectiles, not to mention that the theatre's insurance policy probably won't allow it. (I've seen some that won't even allow lit cigarettes onstage due to the "combustible" factor)
blank guns and squib packs are your friends...

if money is tight, then he just needs to get creative.
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Wow, that is actually quite neat. I really need to get my vid. camera going again, I miss it...

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