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I'm sorry, this guy has an easy way out, pay the money back, and this situation goes away.

He doesn't need sympathy, he just needs his head examined about why he hasn't written the check or gotten a loan or sold a kidney or something, and decided to never do this again.

I would feel sorrier if it was something harder to do to get out of this situation, but jeeze. It's like the doctor when you say it hurts when I hit my head with a hammer, the doctor is going to say, "then stop hitting your head with a hammer"!

$7,500 isn't that hard to come by, he is just not wanting to pay it back, and thinks he can play the "poor me" game to get out of it.

When you give guys like that a break, they just move on to the next sucker. It never occurs to them that they are only around because most people have too much restraint to just shoot them like a dog in the street.
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Originally Posted by GratefulWood View Post
With such blatent disregard for American life , scum Americans or not , im glad to know neither of you are my neighbor.

After reading this thread I think its time for me to head over to the local outfitters and load up on .44 rounds.

Good luck explaining your thoughts on human life to whomever your maker is when your judgement day arrives.
I am sure if it were your family or mine - you would feel justified making sure it was mine. I am not talking about assault, or just blatantly walking around beating *** in some Clockwork Orange style fashion, I am talking about protecting your family. If a man stole money from my wife who had just died, I would be grateful to a bunch of her friends to getting it back for me - even if it took some persuasion.

Besides, I think we agree more than we disagree - if after reading my post you are going to load your .44

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And the streets of hea-ven are guarded by United States Ma-rines.Hmmmmm sez 'dat in the M.C.H .........

God has a hard on for Marines.They stock heaven with fresh souls.......

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Marshal, know how long it's been since I've heard that quote? lol

Ah well, I'm home for lunch so figured I should post SOMETHING at least
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Post Whore
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Is that a good thing?
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So much has been said in this thread that I disagree with that I could take hours responding to all of it. Instead of going through all of that, here's the bottom line as far as I am concerned. One of the critical ideals of this country is that the law applies equally to everyone. We all know that this doesn't really happen, but that is one of the ideals that we strive for nonetheless.

Obviously what this guy did in stealing this money was wrong, weather the victim was a Marine or a janitor. I think we can all agree on that. That said, when the victim or representatives of the victim then violate the law by way of intimidating him with threats that is wrong as well, weather those men are Marines or janitors. Sorry guys, but that is the way America is supposed to run, Marine or no.

How many of you guys defending the rights of Marines to 'take care of their own' would feel the same if the person who had died was a construction worker and all of these threats were pouring in from the Teamster's Union? I have a feeling that not too many of you would continue to support them.

As far as judging the value of others and taking the law into your own hands, that is just unbelievably misguided. One of the great things about this country is that we are all permitted to have different ideas, and that is going to include our opinions of what makes a person "worthy" of continuing to live. Who is going to be the ultimate judge when we disagree? You Christian Nelson? Or maybe there is a better way to do things. Maybe instead of Christian Nelson acting as the judge of rightousness and human value we could have a criminal tried by a jury of his peers...yea, I should write that down somewhere.

Gangs of vigilanties, whether they are composed of Marines, Teamsters, janitors or clowns, are not the force of law in this country.

Thanks for hearing my opinion.

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