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I do everything myself. However there is a local Oil change/lube place that does an excelent job and on occation(when I dont thave the time) I'll take my vehicals there.

For those not mechanicly inclined (and for those who are) I recomend buying a code reader, worst case It will tell you what you car thinks is wrong when the engine light comes on, and give you a good starting point if you plan on working on the car yourself.

Dealers are by far the worst in my area. I could rant for hours on all the problems I've had with dealers.
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I hate jiffy lube.

I bought an 87 toyota supra and due to a lack of time i just ran it to jiffy lube to get the fluids changed soon after getting it. Had them put the "best" oil package in and flush the radiator, I wish I had paid more attention while they were punching things into the computer. Apparently they put down 17,000 miles for my 1987 toyota not 170,000 like it actualy read. I know this because i noticed it on my reciept. So when I asked for the best package for my car i got some weird synthetic instead of a crude based high mileage like I was expecting. It seems that whatever was in the new oil didn't play well with others and started deteriorating some of the gaskets in the engine. Within a few days there was a good amount of oil leaking out of my cam covers and it was pooling in my sparkplug galley causing it to misfire.

The car ran great when i bought it, I even brought my mechanic friend along for his opinion and he said everything seemed good. When I got the car i drove it from jersey to my house in pa. I checked the oil level before and after the trip, it didn't drop. 3 days after jiffy lube I lost half a quart and my engine sounded terrible yet had only gone 1/3 what i did the first day.

I think it cost me $600 to have that fixed.....
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Ouch. Synthetic oil sucks, I dont care what anyone says. Strictly Castrol GTX 10W-30 for me & mine.
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I use napa oil, 10 or 5 wieght.

Now, my uncle, who is/was a truck driver, told me that using a synthetic grease in the drive train will help with mileage and wear'n'tear.

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When I move to a new city I have a few people that I need to find in a hurry:

1) A trusted Mechanic
2) A trusted Jewler
3) A trusted Handyman (for electrical, mechanical and capentry work I simply don't know how to do or do not want to do)
4) A trusted Hvac man

I spend a lot of time in research and working with the BBB to find these people. My life is much better once I have.

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I do everything on my car and house if I physically can.

Last time I took a car to a mechanic, I was getting (for a Honda) bad gas mileage (25 MPG) and, I had replaced the plugs, plug wires, distributer cap, rotor, set the timing, and checked for vaccum leaks. It ran fine, everyhting was looking fine, I was baffled.

So I called up a shop and asked them VERY SPECIFICALLY whether they could hook up my car to a sniffer and see if the mixture was too rich (it still had a carb) or anything, and adjust the carb, or give me an ide of what the problem was. I told him what I had done, and he said he would take a look.

Well, I come back later, after he called saying the work was done. I asked what was wrong, and he said he replaced the plugs wires, and cap and rotor. Charged me $200 for that. I said I already did that, he didn't seem fazed by that.

Later on that week, one of the plugs he put in came out of the cylinder while I was driving, I found all four of them were finger tight. That was 5 years ago, and the last time I have taken my car to anyone.

Crazy thing is, I used be a mechanic, I just didnt' have a sniffer..

I don't know what he was thinking. It woudn't have bothered me if I hadn't been so specific in my request.

$200 Ugh! That was almost as much as I paid for the car for $50 worth of parts Ihad already replaced.

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