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EBAY Scam- Re: Tags Splattys

So I placed a bid on the 60 Splattys that Tag ended up winning and yesterday I received a "authentic" looking email from the "seller" for a second chance offer. Now if I was not in the know about this auction, I would have probably thought it was kosher and sent my $$ to this person. I have consulted with Tag about this and he recommended that I inform you all.

The email I received looks damm good. It included links to sites on "how to spot a spoof". A give away, besides knowing that Tag would definately pay, is the servers for the links was a (.uk) not the (.com) that Ebay in the USA uses.

Just letting you all know that there is a "new" way to scam us.

I am currently forwarding the email I received.
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a while ago i had a big ticket item up forsale on ebay . some how someone high jacked my acount at the end of the auction and was doing the same thing form my account.
so the bogus emails aint the only scam.
these guys are slick on doing ****. and rule one is if you sell on ebay not to click links anyone ones sends you in a message. if they offer you a trade or something that sound to good to be true ignore the message and report it to ebay and let them sort it out. now a days it seems there more scamers on ebay then honest folk.

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Gringo... I got one of these e-mails too.

But I can't figure out how they did it. I know it was a scam... saying he's in UK and will ship for free, and BS...

But how did he get my e-mail address? You would think that would only come from the seller right?

Very odd...
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what they do is just click your id in the auction then choose send member a msg, from there it is just resetting the msg. Wierd really

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Odd I got an email similar to these as well for an item I didn't even bid on, however it was PB related.
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Like Fluff said, you can send an e-mail to any ebay member using the "Contact Member" button under your Member Profile.

The From Line will show up as "eBay Member: XX"
subject line will show up as "Message from eBay Member: XX"

Did these emails look like that?

And I know any member can sign into any ebay domain (.com or or any other domain ebay owns)...

Just maybe the owner forgot they were on the UK domain? Even though the auction item # would be identical throughout the entire ebay system, no matter what domain you were actually on...

Here's what that auction would look like in the UK domain (notice it's in both $$$ and British Pounds)-->

I am wondering if the USER Name from that e-mail is the same? I tried to re-register under the UK domain with my US ebay user name and it would not allow it... So it's not just someone re-registering.

If they did use ebay's "Contact Member" It should show as a message from tinman4239. If it's not showing that name, then now you know how they are trying to scam users.

OR, it really could be the same seller and he just forgot he was logged into the domain and JUST happens to have 60 more splatmasters w/ holsters and all that... Just how likely is that though?
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