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S7G 08-23-2006 10:32 PM

Wahoo maybe the black cloud of life is lifting!
I went and took the drivers portion of My Class A CDL with only less then a 1/2 hr driving experince and passed!
Now I can listen to really bad music and not shower etc.J/K
There is such a shortage of drivers here I hope I can talk someone into hiring me!
So if you are in alaska and see some crazy driver with a world War II flyers cap and Bonzai scarf on going down the road be very very scared!
Also have several other nice suprises in store.
Now go away Black cloud of life and come blow some sunshine up my a$$ for a change!

CYA in the middle!


Goat 08-24-2006 12:39 AM

Thats great news dave,
If this goes through you must dress up like Sgt. Oddball from Kellys heros!

Congrats and Good luck,
Check 6,


Kindred 08-24-2006 09:17 AM


Originally Posted by S7G (Post 23339)
Now I can listen to really bad music and not shower etc.J/K

So what changed??

Just kidding, glad to hear that some of your good karma is finally being returned!

incynr8 08-24-2006 09:24 AM


Watchout for the door knockers in the truck stops, some of em are out to rob ya, most of em have cooties!

Painthappy 08-24-2006 10:45 AM

Nice.... Keep looking down from your higher truck driver position... You never know what you might see.

Oh, and if you blow your horn, you WILL embarass the girl. Lifes lessons we learn along the way :)

Schmitti 08-24-2006 10:52 AM

Good news bro!

Hope for good weather and good looking women driving convertibles:D

Glad to hear things are going well for you.... and like Al said watch out for the sob's on the road and at pit stops... if you aren't already, get licensed.. just make sure it's allowed with the company that hires you.


S7G 08-24-2006 01:28 PM

I am fully lic and certified.
I am still waiting on TSA to make sure I am not a terrorist before they will let me get my haz mat endorsement though.
Maybe driving all those 40ft RVs on demo drives paid off.



Frontier_Bill 08-24-2006 01:32 PM

Congrats man!
I hear hazmats are expensive...
What kind of trucking do you plan on doing?

Also, how hard was it to get the CDL, I've considered taking short-haul trucking jobs, but I'd need a CDL.

S7G 08-24-2006 01:42 PM

I passed all but two of the required written tests without studying.
They are pretty much common sense and easy to pass.
Then find someone to teach you a pre-flight or even just spend the $400 or so dolars for a class and road test. Then it is off to scare the crap out of people.


Gabe 08-24-2006 03:01 PM

Glad to hear things are lookin up for you! Good luck, man! See ya on the road.

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