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Originally Posted by DarkNinja View Post
Literaly hung over for 4 good days.

Ive been there man , the 3-4 day hangover. Thats the worst. Now I take the Roberts road and drink a ton of water before I go to bed. Last time I got the 4 day hangover was a few years back on my buddys 21st , I remember I didnt want to go to sleep that night because I thought I was dying. Not a fun feeling.
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OMG, been there, done that!
They have this terrible activity at a bowling alley here called 'rock n bowl'.
DJ, music, bowling and drunken young adults...
All on a sunday nite!
I don't know how many mondays I started with a 3 or 4 star!!!
I'm sending this off to so many right now.
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Originally Posted by GratefulWood View Post
Ive been there man , the 3-4 day hangover. Thats the worst.
Ditto, mine involved an entire bottle of scotch, a half a bottle of vodka, two daquiri's, and a six pack of beer.

I had people calling the house the next day(which annoyed me to no end, a phone bell sounded like a gong) enquiring if I died.

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I'm from a family with a very high alcohol tollerance, so I thought I was invincible. The first time I really drank wasn't until I was 19. I started out with a six * hangover from about a half gallon of Albertson's Tequila. I've worked my way down to infrequent 2 or 3 * hangovers. Now if only I could destroy those damn pictures.
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I haven't gotten drunk enough to surpass a two-star hangover since college, where I certainly had my share of three, four and even a few five stars. I don't miss it.

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