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Originally Posted by Rusty Brass View Post
Dammit Axel!
You just made me waste a half hour looking for ***** and all I found was a bunch of paintball pics and a cat named Ichi!
I of course keep the "good stuff" in a separate external hard drive, password encrypted, and isolated from any on-line source until needed.

Doesn't everyone?
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that main issue people have with photo sharing sites. they are out to make unlikable to use now day's. it sucks for that to happen. most people hate pop ads or open to another window for ads. lots time the ads or pop window or open into new tab have malware or other stuff that virus programs do not for us to see or get. for some reason now a days few sites i use have you have turn off you ad blocker. or you can not use site. since get most or majority of income from ads on page, pop ads or open into new window for see ads. sucks they need to go this route since to many people do not want to pay to use sites. also sorry for not being around for awhile have some health issue come up where hard to see and had teeth issue.
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Glad you're alive, amigo ^

I have transitioned to imgur, and am happy with the reccomendation so far. The mobile app on my ipad works well and haven't had to close pop ups or pay money. Fingers crossed it stays that way.
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Originally Posted by Mstrtal View Post
What sucks is I had pictures of my youngest when she was born 3 months premature saved to photobucket. I just tried to log back in and found my account was nuked. Pictures are gone and so are my backups when someone spilled a drink on my external he. Lost forever. Not happy.
I don't think that part of the deal was deleting the photos in your account, was it? That really sucks.
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Originally Posted by Tugboater203 View Post
Originally Posted by Mar View Post

How are your photos still up? Every other post with photobucket hosting is dead except for both of these.
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Imgur has an active forum/social network of its own that generates lots of clicks with non-irritating ads. Hopefully, Photobucket's move turns out to be corporate suicide and we don't have this garbage repeated with other sites

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Ah, I retract my former comment. Photos all gone, enjoy your demise Photobucket. It's only a matter of time for any photos that are still up.
Originally Posted by The Flounder View Post
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Yup, downloaded all my stuff off Photobucket that I couldn't find in my old folders.
Time to learn IMGur.
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Originally Posted by Deus Machina View Post
Yup, downloaded all my stuff off Photobucket that I couldn't find in my old folders.
Time to learn IMGur.
It's pretty user friendly, if you can use Photobucket than Imgur shouldn't be a problem.
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Making the switch to Imgur as we speak - so far so good....Photobucket hasnt nuked my stuff (yet) but its become so slow & clumsy as to be pretty much unusable.
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