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Here's my take on it.

Is it legal for them to do, maybe, maybe not. But the better question to ask is, "Is it worth potentially losing my job over complaining about volunteering for 4 hours".

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Nursing by chance? I have a few family members that went through similar programs with unpaid work required with their certifications held as ransom to insure compliance.

Always struck me as a sort of indentured servitude.
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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
Nursing by chance? I have a few family members that went through similar programs with unpaid work required with their certifications held as ransom to insure compliance.

Always struck me as a sort of indentured servitude.
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I'm sure QL knows exactly what they can get away with.

Its kinda like how most states around here require all cars sold by a dealer to have a minimal warranty (ie "inspectable"). The exception is if you bought the car "for parts only".

So, that pretty much guarantees that any car you buy from the back lot is going to be "for parts only". Irritating, and dishonest but technically legal.

That said, we went through a similar situation where I work. He had to sue the company over FLSA regulations for overtime violations. We won, but the process took years and years. Afterwhich the company took away every possible benefit it could.


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What they can put into an agreement and what will hold up in court can be different.
For instance, my job specifies no weapons (standard stuff, of course) even in cars. My state, however, has created laws that allow someone to keep a weapon in a locked car and make it illegal for a business to fire them for such.
I'm sure there are more, that's just the first one I know of that's already been through court.
If they really wanted to, they could definitely fire someone for that--it just wouldn't say that on their paperwork.
The point being, as long as it's not blatantly illegal, they can get away with putting pretty much whatever they want into the agreement until it's brought into court, and may or may not find a reason to get rid of whoever does.
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1 time 4 hours I would consider pretty much a non-issue. I get the legal minimum of vacation days for my first 5 years of work; with no chance of any additional days until that after 5 years.

Not only that, they have a plant shut down between christmas and new years where you have to take vacation days if you want to get paid, or a leave of absence otherwise. There goes 2-4 of those legal minimum days (qty depending on the year).

I know it gets even worse elsewhere.
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right now, i'm doing "online classes" that are required by the state.
my employer won't pay me to do these classes while at the office...

no really, i'm doing them right now; in the background
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It really sucks when you work in a "right to work" state, and find some legal loophole from doing such things and they fire you for no reason anyway.
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Four hours or not I say it. People fought hard and even died so that the folks punching the clock everyday could have a little bit of respect and fair treatment and now we have taken all that progress and stomped on it and we are told to just be happy to have a job. I say that is a load of crap. Four hours of mandatory "volunteer" work is four hours of unpaid work and it is just a little more chipping away at the rights of workers. If an employer wants me to do something and he isn't paying me for it then it isn't getting done.
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