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I'm trying to use a game 'format' that will be acceptable to as many people as possible; I'm going back to the "original" format of hour long games on 40 acre fields in the woods.

There will be scenes that involve all different kinds of play eventually - but don't be surprised at the sarcastic bent to (most) all of them.

I'd originall thought of inventing an entirely new format (which I did with the game now known as x-ball - and special treatment is being reserved for that!), but the hour long format with 15 on a side gives me plenty of time to write about tactics and game play. Not only that, but I've personally got almost a decade of playing that format and a LOT of games and incidents to use as source material. Not to mention another 5 years of ten-man ball, much of it in the woods.

The basic 'setting' is that the IPSL (International Paintball Sports League - which is probably going to change to IPSA - association instead of league) is the premiere format and marquee property of the industry. Very few teams/players, not an 'open' format like we have now, more like NFL/NHL/MLB. The 'Wolves, being one of the founding members, is an exception rather than a rule, with the team being owned by the players and its lifetime sponsors (who, if you haven't guessed yet, represent the 'white hats' of the industry - the few remaining, beleagured and on their way out good guys...), and everything else in the industry draws its marketing support from that league.

I like the twist of having all the kids with their super-electros and moto-cross clothing aspiring to be a grungy, down-in-the-mud, BDU-wearing pump gun player. (The way it should be anyways.)

But despite my personal biases, the two good reasons for going this direction are the alien's somewhat-believable mistaken belief that tournament woodsball is humanity's 'method of warfare' and the easier presentation of game play that it affords.

Besides - can you imagine the number of characters I'd have to create to support a scenario game format? two hundred almost seems too small...

I'm going to have enough to deal with as it is - the EOE board, the wolves team, several other prominent players on other teams, the whacksplat players, several other high-ranking whacksplats, several military characters, the paintball press, wives and girlfriends.....
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