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I have a Schwinn that my family bought at either Wal-Mart or Canadian Tire (Not that you have one in Alaska, but you've probably got something close), and it's really nice-and cheap.

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Listessa, Beaver Sports here in town should be able to order just about any bike you want unless they've made major changes in the last couple years (I used to work at their Valdez store as a bike mechanic). Look at the Trek Navigators, they're good bikes for pavement and light trail duty, have multiple speeds, and are comfy (my mom has one and loves it). The Navigator 2.0 model runs $350 or so and should last for years of riding as long as you treat it right (I cringe when I see people store brand new bikes outdoors for months during winter in the snow/rain).

Here's a link to the Navigator 2.0, you can get it with a regular triangle frame or the curvy women's frame:
Trek Bikes | Bikes | Bike Path | Navigator 2.0

Edit: Doesn't look like Beaver carries Trek anymore, but Goldstream Sports does.
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I assume from your description you were looking at this one:
Giant Bicycles - Boulder SE (2008)
Seems to be pretty similar to what the other companies are offering.
What kind of riding are you planning on doing? If you can do w/o a suspension fork the other parts will be that much better.
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Originally Posted by Listessa View Post
I'm really not all that into bikes, I just like riding around for fun. I didn't even know what gruppo ment until I looked it up.
I don't even realy know what the ones I looked at had. All I asked about were the prices/price range, regardless of what they have on them it would have to vaccum my house and do my dishes if I was going to shell out my rent for what I'm getting as something fun to do with the soon to be family over the weekend.
The two main companies for MTB or "town/beach cruisers" bikes are Shimano and SRAM. Each company makes different level of products for different price points.

The better the components the higher the price on a bike. Kinda like buying a naked Auto-Cocker body then tricking it out with high or low end parts. Both will work just fine, but the higher priced parts usally will give a little bit better performance.
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Bike companies all have models at different ranges, to compete with each other the pricing are all pretty much in line with each other.

I was in your shoes a months ago, buying a bike after about 6 years since I owned one, just like your I plan on just riding around town with the occasional well groomed trails and such, I ended up going with a Kona Dew Plus.

I didn't want a heavy bike, so it didn't have a front suspension, one thing that was high on my list was disk brakes, they sit higher up off the ground, so the occasional mud puddle wouldn't fowl up the brakes as easily, and the stopping power of a disk brake is simply amazing.
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For somewhat similar use (light offroad riding), I found Jamis really nice. I think I bought my Durango back in 1998.
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My ride is one of these:

But not this exact one.
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also most decent bike shops'll let you "test ride" around the parkinglot. a couple i've found have also had a backlot with some dirt, and a bit of a hill or something for the mountain bike setups to give you an idea of how they handle, and will have no problem with you riding several of them to get an idea what works for you.
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I can say from experience that you get what you pay for.
I bought a mid price bike 2 yrs ago and liked biking to work so much that I drive all year long, 7K Km per year.
(Yes we have the same climate as you in alaska)
Thereīs practically nothing worth salvaging of that bike, all bearings are shot, gears etc.

If you shell out some more money right away, youīll save in the long run.
I hope my new bike which was around 700€ on sale, is going to last a few yrs longer.

"The poor canīt afford to buy cheap"

The previous bike had all kinds of stuff that looked really tempting at the time, like front suspension, sporty frame, etc. All of which are just unnecessary and add to points to break. (I drive on pavement only so I have a trekking bike now, previous was a hybrid)

You really need to choose the right bike for you, and remember that all salesmen just like to sell you overcomplicated bike thatīs going to make their wallet fatter.
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I agree. My cannondale is from 97 and everything is still perfect. I don't ride near as much as I used to though.
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