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Originally Posted by Moosepatrol View Post
Poutine is the food of gods. That is unless you get subpar gravy. Crappy gravy will ruin it every time. Titus give us his name we'll sick some beavers on him in behind a Tim Hortons . So am I to believe Amber likes Poutine?
What do you use? I've always just done beef gravy, but the stuff Titus was looking for is poutine sauce (St. Huberts) which I've never tried. I'm keepnig a pack for myself
Originally Posted by RepomanGene View Post
****ing Ninja my ***...that **** is Black
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I use a gravy specifically for Poutine. Called Berthelet Poutine gravy. My wife has relatives in Timmins, it is the only place I have been able to find it.
Originally Posted by greenmtnphantom View Post
Win, loose, draw, leg chewed off by a beaver, doesn't matter it's a great idea
Originally Posted by Robertsr View Post
"So there I was, sitting at the keyboard one handed, and I said to myself, 'that really looks like you're wife'..."

Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Thing's lucky it scampered off because I would have skulled it to death if I'd managed to get my hands on it.
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more gooder
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I have heard quite a few say that the St. Huberts is the only way to go when making at home.

Poutine..... NOT to be confused with putain. That will get you some funny looks in a restaurant!

And yes paypal is run by a bunch of scabby pick pockets.
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Tried it once (poutine)on a business trip up to Renfrew, not for me, eh.
Customs can be very troublesome at times, I send and receive from Europe and Canada at times and 95% of the time it is smooth as silk, but when the wrong person trying to make a name for themselves gets involved it just screws everything and everyone involved. I have not had to deal with the paypal aspect so I have no pertinent info to offer, just play the game and keep your cool if possible.
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call them
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Gah, another f'n claim tonight, friday the 13th for sure.

I sold this guy 4 cocker bolts, and he files a claim because they don't have the push pins that hold the bolts in. And I never said they did, nor did he ask. Now he's filing a claim against me.

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Good luck with your claims, I wish there was a fast alternative to paypal.
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The swiss chalet stuff is pretty good too. I have my own paypal problems.
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Oh man all this poutine talk is making me so hungry ...
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Well I know nothing about Poutine, but have recently been pissed with Paypal myself.

Got screwed on a deal over at Peanut Butter Nation. Sent the guy money through paypal , 2 weeks later I ask where's the marker at. He claims it got shipped back to him and asks if the address is correct. I messaged back that the address was correct, and never heard from him again. Sent a couple more messages and never got an answer back. So I finally filed a dispute though paypal. I waited 10 days and he never replied to the dispute or any of the messages on PBN or his e-mail. So I finally upgraded my dispute to a claim. Another week goes by and I finally get an e-mail from Paypal saying they decided in my favor but they couldn't recover any money. So i just got screwed
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