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Needs new knees
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Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: St. Louis

Name: Shane Kinzel

Occupation: Building security for Scott Trade Center, (home of the Blues Hockey team) Crappy pay, but I get 2 season tickets!

Pic of me playing:

Pic of my Wife and I:

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Post Whore
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Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: Bozeman, Montana
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Well, my name is Tom and I qualify under the "bum" category, but I am a productive bum.

Full time student, and work as a bartender/waiter/cook... that place is crazy.
I started recording my own music here... last week? I will have my own "studio" (my bedroom will be turned into that...) soon and better equipment.

Well, no pics of me... but here's a pic of the sing from the bar where I work:
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Danger: Reading online forums may cause irreparable damage to your faith in Humanity.
Team Rogue Cell #10

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Seasoned Member
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Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: S. Windsor, CT

Who am I?

I am Craig Oppenheimer.
I have been playing paintball since 1984.
I have a wife and three children.
I live in hell.
I like to get out of the house and party and play paintball.
I work in OMNI Production Support and the lead Business Analyst (Insurance company stuff)

Live to play, play to live

"Mr. Dinosaur is George's favorite toy"

Playing since 1984
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MCB Member
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Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: America
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Occupation: Keeping folks like Kidney thief ,Paintjukie and those over seas alive in their jobs. I don't have an exciting job like all of you do.
been playing since 1987.
No picture. Sorry,I'm way to old and ugly lol
43 yrs old.
Live in Washington State last 5 yrs.
One Son that's almost ready to fly the nest.
Married to a great Lady who has tolerated me for ove 23 yrs.
My hobbies are my Family,paintball and at one time the Army till I retired. I love to tinker on my lathe,which I'm not very good at. But I have great ideas that I pass along and other people make money making them lol.

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Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Portland, OR

My name is Kyle Kirsch. I am a full time student studying to become a mechanical engineer. I am finishing a 5 year degree in four years, so my schedule keeps me very busy. I went to Salzburg for a summer exchange program this year, and we traveled around a lot. This is me in front of a lot of heineken in Amsterdam.

This was my halloween costume last year.

And this is the greatest beeramid I have ever seen. This was built in Salzburg. (I go to the University of Portland, thus the UP)

And that is approximately 150ish liters of beer.
Probability is a math law, not an aiming technique.

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Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: Clarksburg, CA

Too old at 43? Gimme a break !

Peter Simpson, Executive Director of a tiny social service agency, age 55 this month, playing five years. I live in Clarksburg, the home of Sacramento Pump Day (my private field)

Here's me

and here's me and my Sac Pump Day co-host Firepro - I'm driving
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Scourge of the Spaceways
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Lost the Daylight
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Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Fairbanks, AK
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Alicia Andrus 24 year old gun wench.
Newest employee at the NH DMV in Financial Responcibility. Former Teller/CSR/Call Center person at a local bank. Gooooood byeeeeee banking and hellooooooooo benefits!!!!!!
My first day went well. =)

Relitivly new to the paintball scene, as I started only three years ago during the summer of 03.

Crap. There are pictures of me around allready. Now I'll have to find one and add it later. I'm not that motovated.
The correct question is, "Why don't I need another gun?"
How strange to see a lagomorph of such bravery.
Loyal Order of the Water Buffalo- Don't Ask Us- We Will Tell!

Facilis est Descensus Averni.
<--Click to descend to my feedback.
NO'MAAM #2"National Organization Members Against AGG Metrosexuals" Rouge Cell #3
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Working on it!!!
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Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: Meridian, Idaho

Me and my Baby

Name: Lance Deleissegues

Occupation: Paramedic

I live in Idaho and started playing paintball in 1992. I am 23 and still play and am always looking for more players here in the Treasure Valley. My future teamate in the photo there with me.
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name: eric smith (how original)

occupation: i played a couple seasons on gillians island.............heh(no not really)
im in highschool and i hold the title for being the youngest gun whore here (youngest here still)

picture:i'll have to take one
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Join Date: Mar 2006

Fan of EMR
Palmers Fan
Robert De Long
Player since 88, started in the woods, did the the tourney thing, back to the woods...
Job, Inventory Manager, Weapons & Sensitive, 10 Mtn Div. Fort Drum

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