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z+ for me too
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Originally Posted by A.C. Basbas View Post
Physical B, "With a little exercise you'll be ready for an outbreak"

Mental B, "Your mental fortitude is above average but can still improve"

Experience B, "You know more about zombies than most, and can recognize cliches"

Emotional F, "You think numbness is the path to survival"

Exactly the same for me
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Originally Posted by tiny View Post
Seconded. Hence forth this is to be the official nomenclature of marker sales. Violators will be violated.
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Originally Posted by Mayvik View Post
You have a handgun, a hatchet, and matches?

WTF...where's "light a cigar and kick zombie ***" as a choice?!?

Physical: B
Mental: B
Experience: C
Emotional: F
Overall: Z+

I think the ratings are borked.
Why not, use the hatchet to open enough of the shells and use the powder to create in IED and the matches to ignite it? I mean, HELLOOOOO????

Some of the gun questions were stupid. Like the one about reloading a magazine. If you execute a tactical reload, you don't have to chamber a round. Gosh!

Originally Posted by Uranus View Post
Z+ all my answers came from Shaun of the dead
Same here. It's the only real Zombie movie ever made.

Oh, and Z+.
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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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Oh, and the question where you raid the gun store, where is the all of the above option?
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I got a Z+ too Bro, but Ma got a C...
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Back to paintball.
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Z+, obviously, as with probably everyone here...
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I keep getting the "Are you Male or Female" question.. 50 some times.

Maybe it doesn't think I'm telling the truth?

Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft
There is no way you could safely control 4 seperate guns remotely. Some players (ie Lasoya) can not control a single gun, while holding it, safely.
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Z+. Anyone get anything other than a Z+?

I agree about the "depends on what kind of zombie" thing, though. Same reason I laugh at people who claim to be "zombie experts." Such a thing is even less legitimate than being a "Star Wars expert" - even though both are fake and useless, at least with Star Wars or some such thing there's a right and wrong rather than speculation, opinion and differing viewpoints.

"Shawn of the Dead" style zombies would be awesome, though. I'd absolutely love to carve my way through a field of those slow moving idiot zombies with a cricket bat.
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I got a Z+.

I have to disagree with the hand grenade answer though. I mean, when I clicked "Yes, a grenade would be useful against a group of zombies", I wasn't thinking I would kill them; I was thinking that zombies with no legs are slower than zombies with legs.
Originally Posted by d4rksabre View Post
I HATE the number 4.
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Some of the questions are definitely debatable, and some were just dumb.
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