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Myself and my daughter are both life members of USJF.
The USJA has a pretty bad rep for various reasons. Most of those reasons have since been voted out of office.

You need to decide how serious you want to be as well.
Some Dojo's are all about competition and forget the rest of the things like Kata and history etc.
The Dojo I practice at will let you practice what you want.
I do both competition and Kata as well as teach.
We work hard and make judo fun by letting the kids do games and varying the warm ups etc. We do however make them adhere to all the traditions and customs and respect that are required. Push ups help a lot at times with this.
Competition is not for everyone although I love it.
Judo however can be fun for everyone.

This is our new Dojo patch.
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^ How hard is it to find dojos in your area? Are your choices limited?

Luckily I'm in a very active region (SoCal) so our calendar of events is very full. It always seems like theres always sometype of clinic (coaching, kata, even first aid classes, etc.) or competition happening every weekend.

Hopefully the TX area also has many judoka.
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I did WingTsun Kung Fu for several years. It was a lot of fun and practial for self defense. WingTsun is close-range techniques such as punches, low kicks, elbows, and knees. They are combined with footwork and applied in a springy manner which uses the opponent's force and turns it back against them. There is a school in Houston. The school in Houston is not associated with the school I went to. It is even spelled differently, but the principles seem to be the same.

Shadowhand Wing Chun Houston

Good luck.
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If you're looking for a martial art that is good in a variety of situations check out Taiho-jitsu. It's good in close quarters and at times when you have a bit more room to move.
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Sorry, guys, I should have been more clear. I live in Cypress, which is a suburb NW of Houston. I've checked out the Houston locations, and they are all quite a ways to drive. I don't think they'd work.

As for "practicality," I'm not really interested in that, to be honest. I'm mostly interested in the sport aspect of martial arts. I'd like to get involved in tournies and the like down the road.
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Originally Posted by DeTrevni View Post
As for "practicality," I'm not really interested in that, to be honest. I'm mostly interested in the sport aspect of martial arts. I'd like to get involved in tournies and the like down the road.
Bah, I was going to suggest ninjitsu, but that sounds like the opposite of what you're looking for. Great for physical training, spirituality and brute asskickery, but not exactly an Olympic event. It's also very hard to find places that teach it, I found one in Denver I'll be going to if I don't end up moving.

Don't knock Judo/Aikido for defense, they are surprisingly practical, although I would much prefer to have a more "direct damage" style (shotokan, some kung fu styles, savate, krav maga, etc) against more than one attacker unless I had trained for a long time; grappling and locks are great to end fights without people getting hurt, but the more limbs you use disabling an opponent, the less limbs you have available to fend off their buddies. In an X on 1 situation you lose a lot of your repertoire.
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I found that when it comes to martial art training, you need to check out the local dojo's or training schools yourself. If you're into the sport aspect, I would find out who competes in your area, and attend some local tournaments. From there, I think you would be able to figure out who you want to run with.

I took Tae Kwon Do in high school and college in the early 90s. It was during the days when Tae Kwon Do was being considered as being part of the Olympics, so the sport aspects and training were stressed and enrollment was high with everyone having dreams of competing at the Olympic level in the sport. There wasn't much selection in local schools, and they would only last for a year or so before some drama happened where the owner/trainers split or closed down. Quality of teachers varied greatly from has-beens on an ego-trip, to aspiring Olympic athletes, fakes who in it for the money, and an aging grandmaster focused solely on the art. At the tournaments, I found that the sport focused schools did the best in sparing, while the art focused schools did the best at forms (kata) but did not do as nearly as well in sparing.
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