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Looking for a good beginners bike

So i know there are quite a bit of experianced riders on here so I wanted to see what all of your opinions are for a good started bike. So heres my situation. I find myself in between the two campus of ASU and having to make regular trips to both of them. Its pretty much 20 miles one way to either capmus and with gas being so expensive its just not logical to drive the 429 Cobra Jet around anymore... Mostly what i am looking for is gas mileage and reliability but some power is also a must because the trips to the campus are mostly on highways with about 5 miles of each trip being on surface streets.

Now really tall bikes are out cause Im not that big of a guy. im about 5'9 and around 150 pounds. after looking around online I kinda like the sound of a Honda shadow VLX 600 and it seems to have good reviews about being a beginners bike and being reliable but im not set on anything. Oh also im a poor college student so please dont recomend so really super amazing bike and then i go look it up and find its super expensive. Under 5 grand is best.

After looking on my local craigslist i found these bikes 1994 Honda 600CC VLX for sale in Phoenix, AZ: Cruiser -

1994 Honda Shadow VLX 600 for sale asking $3000 O.B.O.

1999 Honda Shadow VLX 600

would any of these be good? also what would potentially be wrong with the bike with only 5000 mile since it has been sitting for 4 years?

well thanks in advance to everyone
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Honda F3 CBR 600's can be had at below that price, so can Suzuki SV650's and just about a new 650cc Dual Sport like a Honda XR650 or a Suzuki DR650

The SV is a beginner bike you can live with for a long time, people start riding on them and then with a little bit of work take them right to the track...

The reason I haven't recommended any cruisers - You sit low in them, sometimes lower than you would in a car, a standard, an older sport bike, or a dual sport is going to get you up and over traffic so you can see more.

With any bike that's been sitting you'll want to be very sure about the tires, I take it slow anytime a bike sits for more than 6 months until I'm sure the tires are scrubbed back in properly.

Either way for 5K you have a ton of options out there
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Suzi SV-650 ..... Just a GREAT bike no matter your riding level.
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The VLX is a great bike to start on +.

If it's your first bike you may want to consider something a little older/cheaper that you don't mind dinging up though. Because chances are you will drop it at some point.
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Originally Posted by Chefdave View Post
If it's your first bike you may want to consider something a little older/cheaper that you don't mind dinging up though. Because chances are you will drop it at some point.
Agreed. It's kinda like a first car- you don't need something top-o-the-line. Look into something inexpensive but reliable. There are tons of cheap older Jap bikes out there that still have many years left in them and that you won't mind dinging up a little.

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