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Fan of EMR
My vote is the BPS Twister series cockers,one of the lightest cockers ever made
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I love Freeflow cockers. I've had mine for 6 years now. Still the best cocker I have ever shot, and I have shot quite a few. They are so nice to paintballs, no chopping and I am one of the worst when it comes to short stroking, and still don't have problems with this one (lol, my husband bugs me about that all the time!)
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I would say the Spanky Fishbone's are some of the best looking...

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I hate this question, because I have a number of favorites.

Gotta love the evolutions, probably my overall favorite triggers.

Then again, westwoods are really hot, and very fun to shoot.

Then again, anything in the picture is no slouch, and all are very hot:

But so are these:

ok, that makes up for the rest of the slouches who DIDN't post pics
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I am a big fan of works cockers. I have one of their first ones with a very smooth slider. It is always brought to the field as my backup, because it always works. I am in the process of putting together a later model with a hinge frame.
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I am a big fan of wolf's collection!!!

he has the "insert anything from my amazing collection" is the best cocker ever made.

My opinion, the old westwoods...but I am VERY partial to my fishbone as well...just super smooth & in my opinion the sexiest milling ever.
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RT Automag? Just kidding.

Even though I'm an AGD fanboy, I must pay respects to a good 'Cocker.

My personal fav's I've ever owned were '99 STO, AKA Merlin, and a post 2k model I built (though I can't really remember all of the specs).

Uber smooth, light, and fast, those were/are fierce opponents to my Lvl 10'd, ULE'd, RT'd 'Mag.

P.S. - Damn you guys! You all really make me miss my STO and custom built Autocockers! You're making it really hard to keep my wallet closed!
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I've never owned one of these "custom" AutoCockers, never had the kind of money they tended to cost. That being said, looking at the various ones out there, the only one I truly have any desire to own would be a Merlin. Small, light, excellent workmanship (from what I've seen of AKA products in general, that is).

But, to echo blackrain's post, I love the ones I currently own because I put them together to fit my wants & needs. I'll never understand why some people would go & buy a custom gun and then start swapping parts. Why not just get the parts & put it together with the exact components you want? Not only will you get the specs & parts you want, but you'll gain a thorough understanding of how the gun actually works. When something goes wrong or needs to be adjusted, you'll know exactly how to deal with it.
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I like my '96 'mutt' cocker. Not pretty but shoots very nice. Has various aftermarket parts. It's 'functional' which is how I like it.

It now has a Stabilizer to replace the crappy Dragun reg.
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Performance wise: Belsales hands down!
Looks: Hard one.. Spanky made some cool flashy designs, but a more pure and awesome looking would be Freeflow Lotus and Rhythm, Westwood, and Kapp Reflex.

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