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I'm glad to know I'm not the only one whose kids are taller than him before the kids make it out of high school.

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Originally Posted by Listessa View Post
I hope they both had nice dances. =)

Highschool dances always seemed to be Carrie-esque for me. Not quite that bad, but I wasn't all that impressed. Then again me in a dress, well wasn't my style.

Yea, Im not one for dances either. I cant even dance really. Im one of those guys that just kind of stands in a corner the whole time talking with his buddies, and only really dancing during slow songs, or the big group things.

And I cant stand being dressed up. I never really like just how you are supposed to wear certain dress clothes.

Usually why by the end of the night, my shirt is half tucked in, half out, all but 2 buttons are still in, but in the wrong spots, my tie is slung over my shoulders, and my sleeves are rolled up past my elbows (sometimes one rolled up, one dangling). Looks so much cooler. So cool, I wouldnt mind playing like that one day. The tie even has a spot to put an extra tube or 12 gram.
Originally Posted by Drum
Maybe it is because almost everyone knows that Llamas are, for the most part, gay.

...especially those llamas that associate with asssfruit, I mean, bananas.
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Well he just came home and he's tired. Told me he danced alot too. Came home the same way he left,neat as a pin lol. She was a very nice girl that he took. I hope there are many more to follow.
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Wink wheres his paintgun???

so, uh, wheres the marker??? i mean, what is it heas going to???? a, a dance??? whast the fps limit at this "dance" ???? and do they allow ramping????.....uh....???? i mean, not being "in the know" about stuff "not paintball"....this "dance" you speak of???...his goggles, must rmemeber good safety.....uh....what???? must look this up in my "non-paintball" dicinoary......hum...???? something other than paintball.....maybe i should look into these "dance" could help me save money on more gear purchases..yes...oh yes...i see shoooting, just "social" interaction without targets...ok...oops, i feel so silly now.....
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