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I remember going out a few times with friends back in Bangor when I was a freshman. There where 2 choices of rentals "Bloodsuckers" and what I believe where KPs.I know the smaller ones where Bloodsuckers becouse I couldnt afford to rent the other one and the ones I rented all said Bloodsucker on the side. I believe the others where KPs because well I dont really recall any other paintball guns that came in wood stocks and looked as my friends put it like "Shot Guns".

Fortunatly I have NO pictures from my childhood. YAAAAY! I am sereous not one picture family wasnt big on them and aside from (ok I lied) this gods awfull "Oil Print" my dad payed for when I was going threw my skater phase there isnt a single pic of me past age 3 or before age 20 something.

I miss being able to tag out my friends easily becouse they thought it would be cool to stich a bunch of steel plates inside their trench coats. Man you could hear them coming a mile away and they couldnt run very fast.
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Originally Posted by commandoman
Kick back and enjoy the atmosphere, sexy girls at my school keep me sane through the worst lectures by the worst professors

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im turning 19 in a month and aready i'm missing things.

- when i was little, there were the "make believe" things my friends and i used to play. astronaut... war... with dirt clogs of course =)... acorn fights.
- halloween and christmas not as fun now, i don't understand why.
- NO RESPONSIBILITY! how i miss that... i just filled out work W2 forms... checking account forms... OMG

lol the funny thing is, my age hit me when my friend was talking about high school girls. and i commented on some that i knew... which drew odd looks in my direction... the name "pedophile" was losely thrown at me =). so it hits me... i can't legally go out with highschool girls anymore hahaha

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Hah, you know what cupofnoodles, I know exactly how you feel in every statement you made.
Except, here, dating high school girls after graduating is common practice. We call those guys "townies".

But, for this guy, halloween has never been more fun. Im almost 19, and I get to dress up like an idiot, and get free candy! (amid several... beverages)

But, yea, the whole "responsibility" thing isnt OVERLY new to me, I have had jobs since I was 15, and I grew up on a farm.

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Here's one from the history books LOL! I bet there more then a few MCB members were not even born yet when this picture was taken.

The photo was taken at Sat Cong Village in SoCal for a magazine article on the team in the Japanese edition of Playboy. This was in the pre-Bud Orr running the air shack days.

Kamikaze Shooters team picture Dec. 1985 (but might be 86)

Notables in the photos:

Top row holding the flag w/ dark hair: Glenn P. he later moved back to Hawaii and was the first captain of Team Ronin. (Yup... the team of "remember the ronin" website fame.)

Middle row far left w/ porn 'stache: Derrick O. Still being a ninja out there playing w/ the LA Hitmen in NPPL D1, NSA, OSC, etc.

Middle row w/ the black hat: (A younger) Earon Carter. Pre-Comp Gun, Pre-original buzzard years. Still working on the PMI's.

Middle row center: Ken T. For those in the import car scene, he'd be best known for being the marketing director of MotoRex the Skyline importers, and also as a current judge for the Formula D drifting series.

Back center in the green jumpsuit: David Loo. Opened and ran Shiloh paintball field and also was the creator of the Desert Duck DD68 marker.

Middle Row center w/ t-shirt on his head & a 'stache: Mark T. "Tiger" co-capt. along w/ David of the Kamikaze Shooters.
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