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I'm on a boat!
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A funny thing happened on the way to the ship...

So, I left for work on Tuesday, going to meet the ship in Corpus Christi, Texas.

I was flying via Atlanta, GA...and when I got to Atlanta, my flight was cancelled, so I spent the night. Two of my shipmates were in Atlanta also so we all hung out. The company got us individual rooms, too...though we only got a few hours of sleep.

Wednesday we went back to the airport and sat around on a bunch of standby seats, but we couldn't fly out until 7PM so we missed the last helicopter flight out to the ship. We spent the night at a very nice Holiday Inn in Corpus Christi; we got in at about midnight.

Thursday, we went to the heliport at 4 AM to try to get a flight to the ship, but due to a problem with one of the helicopters they ended up not being able to fly us out. The ship is headed back to Corpus anyway, so they decided not to fly us at all now.

This means I'm in a nice Holiday Inn, living off room service, hanging out in the hotel pool and bar and charging it all (well, except for drinks, those I have to pay for) to the company. I'll be here until Saturday.

Oh, and I'm getting my full pay to sit around (and take a nap, 'cause I'm really tired from all the travel).

Later, I'm heading off to hang out in the pool with my shipmates...

Life is good!

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Right on! I know guys who got flown to Hawaii to meet the boat and their driver was late picking them up to take them to the pier for the small boat transfer. They missed their ride(not their fault), and ended up having to stay in Hawaii an extra week til the next time. Damn the bad luck!
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Go and tour the Lexington(Grey Ghost).You can see what I do for a living. It's considered one of the Haunt sites of Texas. Ghost of Sailors have been seen. Also if you go,wear a ball cap in the Officers sleep quarters. That's where ghost sitings have been. Supposedly he will yell at you to "Uncover". Also down in the engine Room. I'm not sure but I think the Columbus ship is still there. Talk about tight sleeping quarters. They are both down by the science Museums.By the docks. If I'm correct there is an indoor paintball field in that area. Watch the Jelly fish if you decide to go swimming.
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