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I went to a building implosion this weekend.

I took my son and oldest daughter to go and see a building implosion. We were about 2 blocks away from the building. My teeth started rattling when the charges started going off. If I would have put my wedding ring on the street it would have vibrated and jumped around. The building was 15 story’s tall and it came down in 20 seconds. I couldn’t imagine the sounds and the vibrations on 911.

Anyhoo I forgot my camera in the van so I did a search on Google
"Midland Texas building implosion"

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I've always wanted to see one of those in real life.
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I was able to watch the Army Engineers Demo The Bath House (SP?) north of Baghdad in 2004 and of course the Army does things alittle different with about twice the explosives needed. it was awsome and was by far the biggest implosion/explosion (it just went boom) I ever saw. some parts went flying and some parts fell in on itself.

its just cool to see
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I watched them implode 3 Rivers Stadium (The one we all paid for, and then voted no, twice, to replace, but they did anyway)
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