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ive never had a moose that close, but when they get within about 2 feet it gets sketchy. they are REALLY big up close and REALLY unpredictable. the closest ive ever gotten to one on a hunt was about 100 yards at which my uncle dropped it where it stood.
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I have no idea what you just said, my pbn translator is broken
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Pay attention to the hunter. Sure looks like a dummy to me. I would bet that the camera was operated remotely from a distance. Also judging from the size of the young one there this was filmed sometime during the summer before hunting season starts. From a personal note, I have been quite close a number of times to some pretty big moose and I would much rather walk up on a black bear than any moose. They are far more dangerous and aggressive than a bear.
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That was awesome. I have never thought of bowhunting moose(have done sambar deer and wild boar). They say their eyesight is pretty sketchy for distance but up close it seems to tighten up a bit.
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YouTube - animal bloopers... moose attacks a guy
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that was pretty cool,been within 100 yrds of one.never that close,dont know if i would of been able to stand still
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now this is a moose charge

YouTube - Moose charge!
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