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Originally Posted by Schmitti View Post
Just another thing on the sig over the glock.....

The sig is all metal and has a positive safety... not the little dinky trigger safety.

Personally I would rather go for the metal gun that can withsatand a metric butt load of abuse and has an external safety that is on/off when I tell it not by something touching the trigger.

Just more of my thoughts.

I have a friend who just recently gone through federal training with the sig... liked it a lot (single/double action).

Very good points and exactly why I like my Sig. Glocks are a quality guns, but I like rugged all metal construction, and the "double-action only" aspect of Glocks doesn't do it for me.
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I would go with the Glock, I just prefer its feel to most other 9mm's. The Glock will go through a lot, sand, mud, water, degreaser, one very reliable handgun.

Maybe some blended-metal bullets for that well needed stopping power.
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Heard lots of good things about the XD's and the local shop cant keep them in stock.

Shot a glock 9mm once, 17 iirc, and it shot well and held groups well, even though it was a rental with a few k's on the clock.
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Look at the HK's they can be carried hammer down with a double action first shot, single action thereafter. They can also be carried cocked and locked 1911 style. Very nice smooth trigger pull. I have one in .40. Also have a Glock .40, the HK is much better. They sport a polymer frame like the Glocks and XD's. Sigs are ok but heavy, over priced and over rated IMO. My last choice would be the Beretta.
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Just a thought, you could try and find a 1911 chambered in 9mm. They are out there. Just depends on how much you want to spend. The 1911 is by far one of the most durable guns out there. The military should have never switched, stupid UN. That is what we get for try to be like everyone else.
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Steyr M9.

Best 9mm platform ever--and easily found sub $400.

The only downside is the learning curve on the safety but that took about 5 draws to master.

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Were I you, I would get a broomhandle Mauser... the insurgents will freak out when they see a Marine equipped with that huge wooden holster and long range sniping red 9!

I would assume that you have to relegate yourself to the 9mm as I expect that USMC doesn't stock other pistol rounds.

Still, if you aren't expecting to use your pistol except when your AR is not appropriate or available, I am sure you can afford to spring for a couple of boxes of .45.

In that caliber, I would try the H&K offering.

Good luck and keep your head under cover.

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I've owned both Glocks and Berettas and both are good guns, but have their differences. The Sigs are also quality guns as well as the Colts, Walthers and others. The Glock does have a trigger pull like a single action semiautomatic, short and consistant. The Beretta has a long double action trigger pull for the first shot with a shorter pull for any fallow up shots. It just takes some practice to get used to. The Berreta has a hammer drop safety that requires the use of the shooters thumb. The glock just has a trigger safety, which is simple to use.
As far as toughness, I d have to go with the Glock. Guns and Ammo did a test a few years back and fired 33,00 plus rounds through one without a misfire or jam. This was done without any oiling or cleaning of the weapon. I'd recomend keeping clean any weapon that may be used in combat though. The Berretas had reliability problems early in their service use, but the problem was corrected. Sand isn't a good lubricant, so I would keep my weapon clean, regardless of what one I carried.
The Beretta has less muzzle flip than the Glock, with slightly less magazine capacity than the Glock. Before someone jumps in I'm refering to comparrisons between the Beretta M-9 with a magazine capacity of 15 +1, and the Glock Model 17 of 17+1 magazine capacity. Ridiculasly large magazines are available for both so I am only using the standard magazines for my comparrision.
The 45 acp is my hands down favorite over the 9mm, but carrying one might not be approved, depending on your unit and or supply chain. The 9mm has a 115 gr ball versus the 45's 230gr ball. This means the 9mm is half the weight of the 45acp. A case of 2000 rounds of 9mm weighs 63lbs, while a case of 2000 45 rounds weighs 110lbs. I worked at a Naval Magazine while on active duty, so I am intimately familar with the weight difference. The weight difference might also be an issue if you will be humping around on foot instead of riding in a vehicle.
So if you do have a choice between the 45 and 9mm, you need to decide between more knockdown for the 45acp or larger magazine capacity for the 9mm. Some people(me included) like better knockdown and prefer the 45. Other people prefer the abilty to be more annoying to the enemy between changing the magazines, so like the 9mm.
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A SIG does not have a safety.
If it has to be 9mm. then get a S&W XD9.
If you cane use any caliber then 1911.
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Since you mentioned Desert conditions, I'd have to lean towards the Glock.
I own 2 in different cal's and love both. (.45 and 9mm).
SIG makes a beautiful sidearm as well, but I think you'll find the Glock really does hold up better in a dry, sandy environment.

Also, I've noticed that the finish holds up better on a Glock than most other guns, usually doesnt matter to the casual owner like us....but for a carry weapon I think you'll see the difference fairly quickly.

2 Drawbacks to the Glocks though:
THE SAFETY - I've just never been thrilled w/ the trigger safety.
AMMO - Both of mine are flawless with ALMOST all brass ammo makes, even some really cheap crap. However, NEITHER seems to like the softer casings....I dont know the exact material, but theyr'e the "aluminum looking" shell casings. I'm sure you've seen them.

There's my $.02

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