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this kid got ruined

someone posted this on spec ops and i thought you guys might enjoy it.

"Lulzwut ain't no country I ever heard of! They type English in Lulzwut?"
"English, mother ******! Can you type it?"

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That's hillarious.
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Mildly humorous, but it sounds fake to me.
Regardless of the fact that it was in reciprocation to a failed phising attempt, br0kenrabit could get into some serious trouble if he actually logged in under greg's account and changed the password. If he was smart enough to avoid the phish, he should be smart enough not to post about it, especially with his account name.

After wading through 31 pages of fan-boy responses on the original (futuremark) forum, it looks like he supposedly did reset the account the next day. If the story is true, then the kid got what he deserved, but something about the conversation just doesn't sound right.
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There was one IRC log about some kid asking for someones IP to hack them, the person replied saying it was Hilarity ensued, ending with the "hacker" timing out of IRC

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I think that was awesome,more power to him
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Rock on... stupid kid!

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That's just great!
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