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I need real advice

A while back I had posted on myspace a for sale ad for Paintball items. Well a person got back in touch with me saying that she wanted it. The total came to $700 for everything and that she owned a hotel and wanted to buy them for entertainment for her guests, or something along those lines. (Yes guys, I'd like to find a hotel like this as well).
Anyway I have been getting emails from her asking if I had gotten them yet. Over two weeks, I got nothing. Then I had asked where it was coming from, she said China. I figured it was going to be out of the country, as it took a while.
Last night I was checking my mail and got the letter. It wasn't certified either. I didn't have to sign anything. It sure was from China, had a couple of symbols on it. I had opened the letter and heres the kicker, 3 money orders were inside, from Walmart, for $1,500 each! I thought the sun was playing tricks with my eyes, and I checked again.
A red flag went up, well a few of them. For one I thought that money orders could only be up to $500. Second, their was no China stamps or anything on the Walmart Money Order. Third, why send so much?
Now what should be done at this point, in all honesty, I could use the money and send her alot more Paintball stuff, but I would send her the money back if need be. But somehow I feel as if this is some sort of scam. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks Guys

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I would suggest to go to wal-mart and have them check it out, but wal-mart is full of incompetent nincompoops. You're kinda stuck between a rock and a hard spot here. Maybe contact her? Go to the post office to inquire about it being from China with no China stamps.

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Scam city. Those MO's are in all likelyhood counterfeit and if you deposit them, you'll eventually end up having them charged against your bank account, probably after you send merchandise. If you just try to cash them, best case scenario is them confiscating them, worst case is you being arrested for fraud. If you really think they're legit, deposit them and hold the merchandise for a month before shipping. I have heard of these type of things "clearing" then being charged back to you several weeks later. Your best bet is to return them to sender and only do business with people in the USA to people with verifyable physical addresses & "land" phone lines.

Scammers suck.
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did you email her back and ask why she sent so much?

they could be fraudulant MO's too. something doesn't sound right. i'd make sure they are real and have cleared the bank before sending any stuff to her.
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Its a scam, through and through...
Here's how this is going happen...
Your bank will allow you to cash/deposit them, allow you to take the cash out of your account, and after they have been sent to the clearingbank/house, will be found to be fraudulent, and will reverse the amounts back to you.
In that timeframe, she will contact you and ask you to send back the difference to her, probably to a different address than what you've been corresponding/sending the items to.
By then, you'll have sent the paintball items too.
So in the end, you're out your paintball eqpt and a large sum of cash, as your bank wants back what they cashed for you.
This is a common scam and has been reported in different news articles.
Contact your local authorities if you think it will help your situation.
Don't bother cashing the cheques, it will just create grief for you in the end.
Don't send the items either, you'll just lose them too.
Good luck! lonegunmen
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Your best bet is to report it to the Police as Mail Fraud. Because it almost certainly is.

However, If you want to play the game, bring it to a check cashing place and see what happens. I didn't know walmart did MO's.. If it's really from a walmart bring it to them to have them cash it.

Whatever you do, DO NOT cash it at your bank or anywhere that has power over your assets. Because when it comes back as fake they will take back the money and you will be screwed.

Good Luck.. This stuff Sucks

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If it is a money order it must be drawn on a bank and not Wal-Mart.

Contact the Wal-Mart ethics office at 1-800-963-8442. It's a start. Sure sounds like a scam to me!
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I would contact your local Postal Inspectors -

Sounds like some sort of mail Fraud to me...

There is a forum on the website you can use. I'm sure they'll be willing to offer some advice, input or help.
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Send her back pictures of the gear that she "bought" but showing more than originally sold.
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