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I was a little pissed with the 360 transaction i just had. I ended up paying an extra $30 (not too bad, all things considered). I bought it, they said that the free shipping could take like 2 weeks, or something, and offered a $30 shipping option that is just priority.... Its kinda bull. I guess i could have just not paid, but i really wanted to play 360. I think anyone can identify with that
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Originally Posted by Gogged_Gurl View Post
fyi,the USPS online system is seriously wacko the shipping cost's provided are way off ebays shipping calculators are waaaay off and they admit that,it takes epic ammounts of time to get the "free" boxes wich are ONLY for priority use,the boxes are limited in shape and size and you dont allways get what you order there are alot of holes in your theory,ive tried many alternate methods,its not unreasonable at all to charge for the box,the tape and the gas,overheads a bi*ch

what is unreasonable is what alot of sellers do now 1. offer the item at a stupid low price then add the actual price of the item to the shipping charge.

2.and what even more sellers do now is calculate all the fees ebay and paypal are raping them with and add them into the shipping instead of the item price

but thats none of my buisiness they are only hurting thier own sales

all in all though a few things buyers never seem to understand,auctions are not message boards your opinion on the item or cost is your own,keep it to yourself

NO ONE at all is holding a gun to your head telling you you have to buy that item,read the entire auction if you dont like the shipping,cost,description,move along and plain and simple dont buy it.

You must have spit in the village witches eye in a past life. USPS has been flawless for me in 10 years of sales and shipping. I get what I order soon after I order it and have yet to have an issue with a package not reaching its destination. I feel like I should thank you for having way more than your share of problems so that I can get off so easily.

I have had serious UPS problems in the past, but that has been resolved.

The greatest help for all your shipping is to get to know your regular mailman and UPS guy. I have had both go out of their way to be helpful. A bottle of wine or a 6 pack of suds now and then is a fabulous insurance policy that pays for itself 10 fold every year.


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Shipped price is valid to domestic buyers and will be USPS priority. International buyers are welcome, but will cover additional costs. Insurance costs are included. If you prefer an uninsured package, you the buyer will assume all risk once I ship.
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The trend I'm bumping into are seller's who'll only give + feedback only after you (the buyer) have left them + feedback first.

If you've immediately paid with Paypal and provided them with accurate "ship to" information then you've basically done all that you can IMO.
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Originally Posted by Shiba-Kun View Post
The trend I'm bumping into are seller's who'll only give + feedback only after you (the buyer) have left them + feedback first.

If you've immediately paid with Paypal and provided them with accurate "ship to" information then you've basically done all that you can IMO.
Some of that with bigger sellers is automated. On the other hand, I just bought something from a seller and he left me feedback the day after I paid. Item's coming from Canada and hasn't got here yet, but I'm expecting it today or tomorrow. 25 rolls of hockey tape for less than a buck, after shipping. That'll last me quite a while.
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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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Many of these reasons are why I treat eBay like I do most other webstores, as a resource to shop by price. If I find a price I am willing to pay, I contact the seller outside of eBay and say I saw their item online and want it for that price. I've probably done that a dozen times and never had a seller pitch a fit. Probably saves them hassle too, doing it my way.
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I absolutely cannot stand the fact that sellers wait to leave feedback until the buyer leaves it first. That is so backwards and angering to me. I've written ebay many many times over the last few years (it was not always this way) with ideas and recommendations.

UPS and a few other carriers throw my stuff on my apartment porch and don't leave a note so I prefer USPS. I always ship priority for 4.80 (usually) so it's a good price and it gets there in 2 days, sometimes 3 or 4.

I didn't realize you could get the boxes for free. I always use the walmart envelopes. I will have to check out the box thing.
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"Hey, im interested in your auction. Will you end your auction early and sell it to me for half of your starting price?"
Originally Posted by paingwin238 View Post
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I love it when there is a USED stock Ion up for bid. First day of the auction, they run the bid up as much as what you can order a brand new one for. AND charge $30 for shipping.

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