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Are people on eBay getting worse?

The last 3 transactions I have had on eBay have sucked. People are just ill. Not sending payments, complaining about Buy It Now prices that they agreed to pay, etc, etc.


Anyone else seeing this, or is it just me?

Originally Posted by The Flounder

I had to report your post

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There's a joke there somewhere...
Because that is funny on several levels
Originally Posted by Harbinger[TG] View Post
that's not fair. if they are not smart enough, or have no knowledge of the ramifications of their stupidity, then they should pay the price.
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i get it all over the price cry babys are the worst,im fed up with ebay in general soo many anti-seller policies
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That's mostly why I haven't sold there in quite a while. I don't buy as much as I used to , but that's not linked. I have pretty much all the PB gear I've always wanted, so now it's the random pieces. I did buy a few car parts this past week though, first time in a long time I got car stuff.
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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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their buyer policies aren't that great either.

bought some CO2 system components (aquarium) awhile back, never got 'em. left negative feedback for the seller and the seller harassed me for over a month about how he shipped and that i was just being an idiot. this is after I gave him 8 weeks for the stuff to arrive and then he couldn't produce shipping documents.

ebay wouldn't do anything about the guy harrassing me, nor would they help with my paypal claim that i had filed initially after he couldn't get me proof that he shipped.

gave up on Ebay and won't use Paypal for anything but MCB transactions now.

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I concur, I bought a HDD for my mac system and they tried to ship it "USPS Media" Because "its a storage device" of which I had to pay extra 6$ COD. I complained and had to literally argue with the seller and file with paypal.

I am about done with Ebumed after 8 years

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yes they suck, they got greedy and jacked their fees and then you get a double wammy with paypal. I simply quit using them outright last year. Couldnt stand them anymore
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i've only had two issues on ebay since 1999.

my younger brother wanted to sell a dvd so i set the auction up for him, he's 17 and doesn't have paypal so i put money order only as payment option. got one bid and the buyer imidiately gave me negative feedback. this is what he put for the feedback "doesn't use paypal...a safer and easier way to pay." I was pissed, he did this to two other people and for the same reason. i had to file a non payment complaint and after he had no response i got the feedback removed. kids should be able to have an ebay account for this reason.

I sold a dm6 and the first time i had it up for sale the buyer never paid up so i had to file a nonpayment to get my relisting fee back. after a few weeks and getting that sorted out i put it up again. low an behold the buyer didn't pay up so i had to go through the same process again. took a month and a half to sell my dm6.

other than that, i've had nothing but good luck with ebay. funny to say, this was all in the last year.
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I'd say it's become kinda poor for both buyers and seller.

Too many BS product descriptions and terrible shipping charges (esp non combining for tiny items) and the double dipping ebay/paypal fees are the worse.!
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Word to that

a store who will remain unnamed wanted 126.86 USD to ship me a pair of shoes, and 4 pairs of boardshorts (which are very light)

that was canada standard, so 4-6 weeks, no insurance, and it didnt include the customs fees

my butt it costs anywhere near that much
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Originally Posted by tiny View Post
Seconded. Hence forth this is to be the official nomenclature of marker sales. Violators will be violated.
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I haven't snagged anything from ebay for over a month now. Strange for me, go figure...

Originally Posted by StJimmy666 View Post
Word to that

a store who will remain unnamed wanted 126.86 USD to ship me a pair of shoes, and 4 pairs of boardshorts (which are very light)

that was canada standard, so 4-6 weeks, no insurance, and it didnt include the customs fees

my butt it costs anywhere near that much
Lately I've noticed shipping rates don't seem right at all. I've been eyeballing stuff from a couple of stores, but the shipping has been astronomical even all things considered about living up here.

Also, what is with people insisting on shipping UPS? I have noticed that quite a bit on ebay lately. They aren't cheaper than USPS, I am not overly fond of their service, they take just as long if not longer, and their tracking isn't all it is cracked up to be either. I watched a package sit in limbo between two tracking points for a week or two. That isn't better than USPS in my book.
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