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some relay was at fault at the detail shop i used to work at. the door wasn't remote though. we'd have to really fiddle with the close button, sometimes holding it, sometimes pressing it repeatedly, to get the door to close and stay close. i'm not sure if this helps.
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OK, I'll chime in now with my garage door issue. Lately it's been getting colder and the garage doors only go up part way and stop. After a few tries (I guess friction builds up heat) they open. Ok, that was this morning. On the way home from work the wife calls and says she went to open the garage door and there was a g-d awful noise and banging and it slammed down. The door is intact and nobody died. The pulley bolt decided it was time to die and everything flew apart. I replaced a couple of springs last year but I guess from what everyone tells me you should change all the hardware, especially after 16 years. Better safe than dead. So I guess it's off to Home Depot for parts. At least I have a project for Saturday afteroon and night.
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I've dealt with the same thing. Also, be sure to check the mounting area that connects the "arm" to the door itself; on mine, the metal at the area where the arm meets the door, started to tear and cause enough structural instability that the door would bend in the middle as it rolled to the upper curve of the track, then it would stop and reverse itself.
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