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If you don't have animal control, like in Iraq, for example maybe...

You need to shoot them...

Um, sorry, no question about it, I shoot feral cats, especially when they are trying to tear my dad's cats apart.

Feral cats aren't tame, they aren't nice, and they aren't useful for anything.

They kill birds, they spread disease, and no, I am not going to pay $200 to put down every feral cat that shows up on mine, or my dad's property.

I don't have the problem on my property, but my dad has had a few big problems.

People need to get de-disney-ized..

I have no trouble with people getting rid of a nuisance, I don't like people getting off on it, or getting off on torturing them.

I don't enjoy killing them, but I am not gonna allow them to continue.

Feral cats are becoming a real problem even in subrubs, and it is just stupid to have to call animal control everytime one shows up.

Then you have to pay the bill to have it put to sleep, why? Cause it showed up on your land? Or your neighborhood?

I see a whole thread about people shooting squirrels, and they arne't near as destructive as feral cats and dogs can be. No one bats an eye about the squirrels, but poor kitty?

Bah, animals are animals, if they are wild, and not bothering anyone, leave them be, if they are supposed to be domestic, but aren't; they shoudln't exist.
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If your city is charging you for the city animal conrol officer to come out and take care of a feral animal.. then there is a problem and your mayor needs to be notified. This is a health service that is free as you pay taxes for it.... if you are using a private company..well then I would take the bill and give it to the city to pay.

It is still often illegal though to fire a gun in a city or town (IN THE USA).

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Considering there's no collar or tags, I'd assume it was a feral cat. While I hate to see something like that, it doesn't really "anger" me. If I knew it was a case of someone intending to cause harm to an otherwise harmless and helpless stray, then my back would be up about it, but otherwise, I file this under "stuff happens". If it was a pet, then I'd hold the owner/master/life partner just as, if not more, responsible for this as the person who set the trap. To let a cat (or any pet) out of your home without a tag is contemptible at any time of the year, let alone in a dangerously cold winter. I check our two cats' collars pretty much every day since they have a tendency to loosen up while they're "playing" or otherwise running around the house.

Now, our neighbors across the street have a miniature pincher. Annoying as hell little brown and (mostly) black yap dog. They put the thing out in their back yard all the time and he always squeezes through a gap in their fence. This happened around 10:00 on a warm June evening last year. I was taking out the garbage and their dog was yapping away at me from the end of my driveway. Here it is, pitch dark and their (mostly black) dog is running around the intersection barking at passing cars. I escorted him back to their front door and talked to the "man" of the house.

me: uh...your dog's out again...
him: yeah, he always gets out
me: y'know, he's been running around the intersection chasing cars...being all dark & stuff, I'm sure the drivers couldn't see him and he might have gotten hit
him: yeah, so?
me: so, maybe you should fix that hole in your fence that he keeps getting out through?
him: yeah, whatever (grabs the dog by one front leg, hauls him inside and then slams the door in my face)

Now, that pissed me off...not that I like the little pain in the ***, but I still don't want to see him smeared all over the street.
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Our townships even charge for fire department to show up.

It's called rural america. Too much land, not many people, and not much taxes to even be able to get.

Besides, why pay them for somethingyou can do yourself anyways?

It's not illegal to discharge a firearm where I live.

I have a shooting range on my dad's land.

Deer hunters regularly like to hunt on my land.

Yes, we shoot feral cats and stuff.
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Unfortunately, a bow falls under "firearms" as well.

I also have no problem taking care of with feral cats. Around here we just call them wild, or dead.

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In my town, we refer to outside cats, feral or not, as coyote cookies. My neighbor's cat got taken down on my front entry way at 3am last winter. It was a terrifying sound! The hairs on the back of my neck stood up when I awoke to a growling sound that at first I thought was IN the house. In the morning there was white fur all over the front yard. The cat's name was Fluffy - no joke.
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Originally Posted by WGPKlaus View Post
thats almost as bad as the two links I received this AM containing footage of our troops in iraq, shooting/wounding dogs for entertainment. People who are cruel to animals really need to have their heads removed with a rusty drywall saw!
This. . .Is probably slightly true. But you know what? It NEEDS to be done. Dogs and cats and other creepy crawlies over in Iraq carry disease. BAD disease. The animals are shot for the health of our soldiers. Now if it was either me being laid up sick or a dog I'm going to shoot the dog.

As Far as Strays here? If they are mean they get shot, period. A $0.20 round in there head can cure a lot of problems. If you have kids that just another reason to kill them. Not all dogs are "Friendly" towards little ones. I remember one time my mom even had to shoot a neighbors dog because they weren't at home, it was to big for her to try to handle, so she shot it with .22 birdshot. Didn't do anything to the dog but it got the hell out of there!

Point in matter, Just because they are fuzzy and "cute" doesn't mean they are safe at all!
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growing up in a farming family, i understand that cats are a natural part of the farm. they're very good to have around. so if one of these cats gets run over on a gravel road, or becomes a coyote's next meal, then that's the way it goes. but for the end of the cat's life to end like doesn't sit well with me.

and i know this young kid, his behavior, and his past. it's quite hard for me to believe this was an accident. especially when the kid has a history or showing off his "trophies", be them a deer shot with an AK and dragged behind his truck, or a dead cat in a trap put in the back of his truck.

on the subject of wild animals in the city, inform animal control. they have a job to do and they are trained in these matters. vigilante animal control should NOT always be the first resort.
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Much the joys of living out in a rural area now.. I can take care of matters that we would have had to call animal control for, wait for a few hours, eventually have the cops show up because they couldnt find out where the animal control guy was sleeping, and then have the cop radio for some public works truck..

Or 3S. Done deal, money saved for all of us.

It is always best to make sure a nusiance animal is jsut that, and not a neighbor's pet. We had one dog outside that was a pit bull, and an overly exited dog. it had gotten loose, and started to pick a fight with a lady and her dog. Long story short, i was the dumb one who seperated teh dogs, and the pb stopped, looked at me, and wanted to play. Damn section 8 trash who claimed to be his owners just left him on the porch 24/7 with a small chain, and all he wanted was some petting and som good attention.

(this was the same dirtbag people who had their cat get hit by a car, cat wanders onto our porch, I take it over there in a box, scared, wounded, and they denied it was theirs)
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Kind of unrelated, but Coyote pelts are going for 30$ around here, and for a nuisance animal thats so overabundant in Illinois you'd be amazed how fast that's getting cleared up.
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