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Paintball on TV - They nearly got it right.

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They refer to the markers as 'weapons' at one point.
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Almost, though. Except they only showed speedball it seemed.
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They didn't do a bad job. I spose the reason they focused on tourney ball is because that is what is shown on ESPN.

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Yeah, not bad IMO. Basically a straight up informational report about where the industry stands, not really about playing the game itself.
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Pretty good - and for once it was in a posotive view instead for the normal neg in a news story.

I didn't realize that paintball as a sport was up in the top 3 area.....
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At least they didn't show a tourney player wiping.
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They said "the thrill of a hunt" which struck me as odd because all I saw was speedball. But hey, atleast it is a positive newsreport instead of some kid shooting his eye out with a "gun."
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Wow finally watched that one. Not bad. I've watched a good amount of the ESPN paintball championships and really liked it. Action packed, and showed paintball off pretty well. I didn't see much cheating going on, or atleast they didn't film people getting away with it. (I once saw one where the announcers said said if the paints gone before the ref's get there, then you're all good)
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Hey, Other than the "Weapons" comment I thought it was great. While I try to keep the "Gun" label to a low times I think we are a little over zealouse when people say "Gun" or "Weapon" instead of marker.
Now I do get a little uneasy when someone says "I got Killed" or " I killed you"..Paint can kill?

Thanks for sharing the clip.
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