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Location: Amherst, Maynard, and Northampton Massachusetts.

A.C. Basbas' Feedback

If we've done business, please post your feedback here! I'll do the same for you.

PbN old: 12+/0-
PbN new: 2+/0-
MCB: 20+/4-
AO: 2+/0-

Current Total Score: 37+/ 4-

Gun Trades: 12
Sales: 16
Purchases: 8


#2 SecretWeaponEvan - SS mag barrel, PF plug - Paid $30 by PayPal

#6 BenoitOWN - Tippmann 98c - Paid $150 by PayPal, claimed nonreceipt, all an elaborate scam with customs.

#9 IronExpress - Phantom Feed - Paid $15 by PayPal

#9 ChaplainBane - VM68 modd'ed Flexi-Air RAP4 Stock - Paid $35 by PayPal

#12 Simmy - PPS barrel - Paid $55 by PayPal

#13 ChrisBorden9 - Pump handle - Paid $15 by PayPal

#22 dundadun - (2) Tac 8's - Paid $450 by Money Order

#26 IDKFA - Mystery Box - Paid $50 by Money Order

#27 NeoSamurai - Angel IR3 - Paid $150 by Money Order

#30 SN toter - Eclipse Kit - Paid #85 by Money Order

#33 Mar - Nasty Houndstooth - Paid $625 by Money Order


#3 Hank K - Rap4 T68 M18 S.O.F. - Paid $210 by PayPal

#5 Titus - Clear Blue grips - Paid $11 by PayPal

#8 Weekendballer - Silver "Thing" - Paid $5 by PayPal

#18 Forstgump - AA tip - Paid $15 by money order, never cashed, never recieved item

#31 CapitalPaintball - PTP Intruder - Paid $55 by money order


#4 Apokalypsi - MTX amp - Pump Handle, Freak Back - I shipped first

#11 xxthehauntedxx - PTP Micromag - PTP Micrococker + $ - Shipped same time

#20 going home - PTP Micromag - PTP Micromag - Shipped same time

#21 travis1581 - 'Cocker body + stab - Ariakon ACP - Shipped same time

#23 Mayvik - PTP Micromag - Yframe, valve, ULE - Shipped same time

#24 WeekendBaller - PTP Micromag - AGD stuff - Shipped same time

#25 GreenMTPhantom - Tippy Project - 12ie changer - I screwed up; feedback 100% deserved.

#32 CCMachinist - Maruzen AUG - CCM shwag - I shipped first

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secretweaponevan's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Pocono Lake, PA

Bought a SP (yuck, but oh well) mag twistlock barrel and a warp feed PF plug for $30 combined. Great transaction. No potato bugs or earwigs.
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For gits and shiggles
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Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: St. John's, NL

Sold him a T68 rifle. Worked out a staggered payment arrangement, he came through in fine form, and after a few skull crackings found his package and claims all is well

Good fellow. Call this a +1
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Location: Indiana
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Traded him a barrel and pump handle for an amp. Great guy to deal with. Everything went smoothly. Great communication. Would deal with again.
My Feedback
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Location: The Group W Bench

Sold grips to, payment came quickly, great with emails to.

To bad he's a Red Sox fan
Dealer for APP, CCI, Nelson, Leland, Valken, Tippmann, & Procaps.

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Willing to be a 3rd party for shipments to Canada anywhere in the world just PM me.
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Paintball Fox
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Location: Canada, QC

Fan of EMR

To follow this go here:

BenoitOWN Feedback

Walking_Target Try to help him out by sending me blackmail into some private message.

Basbas say I asked ''as a gift'' wich in not true by the logs into PM comversation he did it on his own. Then he go by and tell me that it something use by scammer.

He also said that I asked to reduce the value of the package wich is again not true with the logs I have provided!
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Location: Amherst, Maynard, and Northampton Massachusetts.

The last post is bunk... He's a lying *******, he took my money and my marker after customs issues.

Originally Posted by A.C. Basbas View Post
Avoid him at all costs! After this, I'm never shipping to or from Canada again...

Sold him a 98c... Sent package via USPS Priority with tracking (PayPal) and it's held up at customs, so he reversed the PayPal transaction and pulled the cash from my account!

Not cool.

He also asked me to lower the import cost by listing value at $40 and writing it off as a gift... I met him half way with the "gift" thing and now I can't appeal the claim with PayPal because as a "gift" it's not considered a transaction! Now that I've talked to PayPal, I understand the scam... I've got no defense because I tried to help this guy out...
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Post Whore
Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Detroit MI

bought weird old thing from me paid quicky was great to deal with A+
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Back to paintball.
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Bought a phantom feedblock from him, took a little long to ship, but it worked out
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Secret SWAT Team
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Fan of EMR
Kilt Fan
Bought a Stock for my VM From him. Fast transaction, excellent communication. I'll happily do business with AC Again.
-Bane Harlock
Assistant Captain Steeel Reserve
Sposored by Valken Sports and PnL Paintball
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