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I am also owed money and items from Lee (at least $200 in deposit money and custom fabrication work).

I have been emailing him once a week with no response and I am getting ready to contact the internet fraud folks. I urge others to follow suit even though it has been more than 2 years for you. Still, if enough people file, they will go after him. Trust me on this. YOU can still make a difference. The more people that complain, the more the authorities will take notice and really go after him.

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My transactions date back to 2000-2001. I've got over 20 pages of cut/paste transaction emails with Lee but after all these years it'd take me a weekend to sort out all the serial numbers, etc, to find out what he's got of mine. I know for sure he has Palmer Blazer #009 (yes, the 9th one made. RamboPreacher has 006, if I remember..) for re-timing, a mildly milled phantom I got off ebay and shipped directly there. It had a carter style stainless barrel (why I bought it..) and I've got another of that same barrel so I can verify for-sale ads to check if its my gun. I've got a pump-assist warrior I paid $300 (if memory serves correctly-- it has been almost a decade now, ya know) that came to me leaky so I sent it back.. It's depressing to consider the list of guns so I'm going to stop.

However, my guess is all my stuff is sold off because he claims I never contacted him throughout the years.. I sent an email every 6 months minimum asking a question or checking in.. I finally tracked him down by emailing HaveBlue, a slight that neither have forgiven me for. For the record, Lee told me "I heard you were dead!".. and proceded to argue and threaten my equipment.. But then he was glad I'm still alive. Hmm. WTF? I have the same email address, the same house address, and I guess because I haven't posted on the paintball forums since I got burned by Lee that means I'm dead. Now, doesn't that mean that if I die my heirs get my stuff anyway? So.. Yeah! I'm as confused as you are how that works.

Regardless, I told him I'd drop by in person some day to visit my equipment just to verify he still has it once we hit the decade mark.. Sadly, that in about a year and a half.

Never have gotten a phone number or current physical address for Lee. Never spoken with him, just emailed him.. And, being the naive 21-22 year old I was, I sent him thousands of dollars in gear.. When I consider it, Lee has had my equipment for almost 1/3rd of my life. sigh.

Raj Rajadhyaksha
still living in the same place...
still have the same email address.
still don't have any faith that I'll ever get my gear back or any money..
Maybe I should ask Lee to write me into his will..
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Exclamation Answer me this.

My post was moved as suggested. I am pursuing legal means of reimbursement.

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Smiley and Donncath:
Please move your last posts to this thread. A note to anyone who currently has buisness with Lee "Punisher" Kinney
This thread is strictly for feedback with full descriptions of the projects/products. Please post any other type of stuff about Lee in the above thread. I will leave them up for a day or 2 before deleting them, if you want to copy them word for word to the other thread. I will allow you to edit your original posts to reflect that you are pursuing other means of reimbursement and to contact so and so to be included or for more info.

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Originally Posted by Shane-O View Post
Ok guys, this thread is for people who actually have guns and or Cash tied up with Punisher. ...
waiting on crowdbuster. paid half upfront.
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Discussion thread located here: A note to anyone who currently has buisness with Lee "Punisher" Kinney, do NOT post anything other than feedback in this thread..............
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(Apologies to the mods for posting in this thread, but I didn't come across a post from Raj in the suggested thread)

Originally Posted by jollyrajr View Post
I finally tracked him down by emailing HaveBlue, a slight that neither have forgiven me for.
Raj, my sincerest apologies if you feel slighted by anything I may have said in our email transactions (which have passed from my memory at this point). Please understand my position - Lee is a close friend, yet many people who currently have a beef with Lee (for lack of a better term) are also good friends. As such, I'm in a tricky position, and am trying my best to stay out of the line of fire, as it were. I'd simply prefer not to be a conduit for communications, as I'd really like to maintain friendships on both sides of this issue. Hence my distaste for contacting Pun 'on behalf' of people trying to reach him.

Again, I am truly very sorry if I have angered you in any way.

- Michael aka Have Blue
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Just found this.....

Punisher's Signature Series Phantom

VSC Phantom sent in + $550 (paid in full)

The last e-mail I received from him was on January 07 (though the old PHOG I believe) saying that is was basically done and he'd have something for me in a few weeks. I have since moved and I've attempted to send him multiple e-mails (to his new e-mail) and I have yet to receive a reply.
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I have received no resolution. Even though I provided stubs for the money orders and the delivery confirmaton stub that I sent the barrels to him, he is denying he even recieved them and claims I have never ever paid him to date. It has turned into his word against mine. And he claimns the world is out to get him...and that I am one of the vultures who is trying to collect from his misfortunes.

Honestly, he doesn't do that good of work. He screwed up my pgp barrels twice and when I sent them back a second time, that's when he started ignoring me. If anything, his work is half-assed at best.

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Stock rainmaker

Stock rainmaker I sent him for repairs and pretty minor mods when I was in High School (graduated in 2005, lol...) contacted him pretty commonly for the first 2-3 years but I kinda gave up hope.
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