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My grand entrance!

Hey everyone it's Ryan. I'm posting my first thread here on the team page. I want to thank everyone who I talked to. I'm sorry I couldn't stay for longer and set up the field; my wife got horribly sick and needed me to run back and take care of her.

Later today, (hopefully), I will put together the doc for the halloween party/zombie fest. With a few tweaks, I think we can have a lot of fun, and have a huge turnout. Hell, it's a halloween party with zombo shooting.... who wouldn't come!

There are a few things I need from the team:

1- How big can we make this party?

2- How much notice should we give, (I would LOVE to have an actual "halloween" party, but it's on a wednesday.... so I think we may need to hold off until the weekend).

3- How many peeps can we get to help set this up? I would speculate we need a team of at least 3-4 people on stand duty, (1-2 at a time peeps to run the merc store who can fill tanks and sell/rent equipment), and a team of 10-12 players to be mercs (people who help run the event). Mercs will be able to play and get special perks.

As I told Kev, this will be a partial-pay event with it's own money system. This will allow me to invest money into buying the necessary equipment for awesome objectives, and MAYBE rent a vehicle/van for objectives. I will be posting a special thread about it when I post the game document later today.

Oh, and thanks for showing me the field. It looks like tons of fun. Expect me to be a regular!
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Thanks for making it down to check out the Hole. It's always good to have new friends down that way.

1 I think capping the game at 100 players, mercs, zeds, etc. would be a good idea. Low caps and a prize/patch/t shirt/something for pre reg usually helps bring players out.

2 This is not a game/scenario that we will be able to do in a week or two. We need to get the word out asap as soon as we have a day in mind and let all of the CO. ballers know about it well in advance. We can set up a ? and answer thread for the game and send people this way to view it. Once we have a date picked, I'll flyer bomb all of the PB stores in the state. Also gotta hit all of the local pb websites and fields to promote the game. DMC will always help us, as will Hustle/ Team Anomoly.I play on a Valken sponsored team and work at a Valken sponsored field, let me see what they will do for us too. I'll post up on the Nemesis page, PB riot, PBN, the DMS forum and anywhere else I can think of.

3 Finding 3 or 4 "workers" won't be a problem. I'll start putting a merc. team together. At our DMS games, we have been known to throw a 3rd rebel group of mercs in our games. I'll post up on the team page and see if we can get a group together.

This is gonna be fun! I'm getting excited already!
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How about as soon as we can get about ooo..... 8-10 willing mercs together, (they would be running the store and missions. So we would need at least 2-3 people experienced with filling tanks), we will meet at my place for pizza, beer, and pb talk
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