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Love the Empire barrel kit. I have one I bought for my 'Fox.

I just received a pair of T-cats - both have PMI barrels. I tested them both (they seem to work fine) but man are they QUIET!

Both of them have been "Messed" with - the original trigger guard was cut away, and a two-digit trigger was added - maybe from a spyder because they don't fit right. I'm gonna look around for some brass and try my hand at making a new trigger shoe and guard.

Anyone have any trouble with the safety on their 'Cat. Mine are both really stiff.

Anyway, they cleaned up nice and "purty", now I have to find time to get them to the field.

One will be getting my old school expansion chamber and a bottom line. The Other I'll leave BBA. That way I can tell them apart.
Looks like I have WilyKit and WilyKat... hmmm... maybe some custom art work...
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Originally Posted by ironnerd88 View Post
Anyone have any trouble with the safety on their 'Cat. Mine are both really stiff.
Yeah, that seems to be a stock feature. I found two parts to it. The divider on the safety shaft is very tall for the ball to hop over. However, the edge of the safety shaft also hangs on the edge of the sear as you try to push it over. It's easy to just take the edge off the shaft, but the sear is hardened and held in by the sear pin. Don't take too much off, it starts to feel loose instead.
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Yep I think it's your volumizer/front grip, I threw one on my cat and I have to turn both the velocity and recock all the way in and back out the main spring quite a way whenever I use Co2. It shoots soooooo nice.

Also Ironnerd88, I'd just recommend picking up one of these from Bacci. I put one on my cat and it made a world of difference ergonomically. Hands down the comfiest mech double trigger I've shot.
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