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Finicky things about Pro-Master LPRs

I use my Lasoya PM as a tester of new poppets and various theories on regulators because it comes apart so easily (on the top side). I refuse to give up on the factory LPR, as an experiment on its own. I was having shoot down this weekend at 6 bps. I find myself digging into it again with a little list of trouble points to watch;

1) I try to keep the LPR port and the body port lined up, ala automag reg/valve alignment.

2) Don't tighten the seat holder more than finger tight. The seat extrudes into the holder cavity, choking around the pin and lowering the clearance of the brass cup. I've ordered a rebuild kit since my old seat was very deformed. It actually works well flipped over at the moment. I don't think it will get loose under the poppet spring.

3) If the LPR were to open up all the way, like from a shot, the brass cup stops on the seat holder, basically blocking the flow into the LPR. I've just recently ground a pair of notches into the bottom of the brass cup to keep some air path open when the LPR gets slammed open.

4) I cut into the underside of the piston (regulating side) and made a large groove around the pin, but leaving support for the pin and outer edge. The idea is just to get a little more volume in there.

If you have any other tips on these oddballs, add away!
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you can give the piston area a good polish, and you can always open up the port(or if you feel froggie) drill in multiple ports so that you don't need to line up.

never heard about the lining up the regulated gas to the body port, but it makes sense in a way.

flipping seals around always works, unless its deteriorated.

would like to so pics of the mods you made.

though the stock LPR is pretty good, it doesn't compare to aftermarket. Palmer(from a B2K) or AKA PM LPR will always be better. though experimenting can give some better results over stock. sometimes a port and polish can go a long way.
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I've attributed shoot down to the HPR with most of ICDs electros. You're not using the stock Lasoya, Vigilante clone reg on it, are you? The brass piston on my stock Lasoya HPR started rubbing into the wall of the reg, creating a mess internally. I was not happy when I took it apart and found that out. If you are using that reg, I'd recommend ditching it.

I don't know if I've just gotten lucky, but for me the stock LPRs haven't had a hiccup on any of my ICD markers. I was just shooting an 04 Freestyle with a stock LPR and a Sidewinder HPR last week. Shooting DXS Rec Sport through a .682 back and I was +/- 2fps with no shootdown whatsoever. I thought those were pretty good results. Last year I had some good results with my FS Pro and was getting +/- 2fps with DXS Silver and same barrel back even with using stock LPR and HPRs.

I just got through working on some BKOs for another gentleman and the markers had shootdown around the 7-8bps mark. When I swapped their stock HPRs for a CP regs, the shootdown disappeared.

But back to talking about mods to the Promaster LPR....

1. I drilled a few holes to help increase flow. Can't say I noticed a difference, but it was fun. I had to drill two holes before I found the right spot that lined up perfectly with the body port.

2. Funny you mention the finger tight thing. I took apart some of the stock LPRs from those BKOs recently and found red threadlock residues on the reg seat holder threading. I'm assuming that came from the factory too, since the users that they came from hadn't disassembled them.
Still, since all the force exerted on the seat holder should push it back into the threading normally, it shouldn't be a problem to not tighten it very much.

Good idea with #3 and 4. I might try that when I get ahold of another dremel.
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The HPR is a relatively unused Empire reg that looks like a CP clone. It very well could be sticking. It certainly isn't worn in well. I have had at least some troubles directly related the LPR, like when I over tightened the cup holder.

I will put up a pic of that cup I ground down. I haven't had a chance to test the thing out yet for shoot down.

Even though the flipped reg seat holds pressure, I ordered a rebuild kit so that I could see what it is supposed to look like. Mine fits very close to the piston stem, which would be a flow killer. I think that is part of too much compression on it from the cup holder. The dimensions on it are not so far off from a Palmers micro-rock. It should be capable if I can get it lined out. There's not that many parts in there.
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