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I had recocking issues before, but turned out it was a soft mainspring. It's a common problem, especially if the moron who owned the gun before you stored it with the back cap screwed all the way in...or worse yet, cocked... HPA should be perfectly fine.
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Originally Posted by installer020 View Post
WAs wondering is an adjustable reg tank would help. Something like a dynaflow that is adjustable, maybe bump the pressure up to 850 or 900. Just an idea.


That may well help. But stock they are supposed to be at 850 I thought.

Good point on the springs Quacker. Mine SEEM plenty strong and due to a really odd set of circumstances I found myself with 4 of the things and they are all consistent. For now I'll blame the Orings but I'll keep that spring thing in mind.
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I dont realy think you need to go higher. I have spoken to a few of the techs at ICD. and they all siad it works good on a 750 in put. the big deal is getting the balancing act down as Walker said and new o rings help. I own three of them and they all run a little diffrent. when you get it all down they are great

good luck on you new marker
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the problem of course is that a lot of HP air regs are at that 750 range - while unregged CO2 @ 70 degrees is about 850 (CO2 Dynamics) higher at hotter temps. So, you're at the bottom of the range using HPA.
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Got a Lapco barrel adaptor.

I ended up buying a Lapco barrel adaptor so i could use my existing redz barrel kit on it. Anything else i should look at doing to it?

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I recommend taking it to a local paintball field and using it.
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