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Freestyle info

I have a 04 Gen2 Freestyle that I love even though it seems to have an incurable leak from somewhere on the bolt assembly. I recently fixed a leak coming from the solenoid. This started after the solenoid screw decided it was going to strip out the manifold. I got longer screws and "fixed" that issue only to have another leak from the solenoid/manifold. Thanks to Walker I tracked it down to a creeping LPR and the solenoid was leaking out the pressure relief.

Well I went to my favorite pball retailer today to get something for my birthday. I had decided to get a Promaster for a backup/tinker gun. As I was waiting to talk to the owner I went to talk to an long-time employee there and found out they were getting in Lasoya Promasters next week, along with a FS7 and a NDFS. I was given a "price" list and I about fell over. Needless to say I will be going back next week to bring home some new toys

What is the going price for those Freestyles and is there anything I need to look for. I have been looking around and have seen prices ranging from 170 to over $300. Also which is the preferred model and why? Do they come with HE bolts stocks? I know Freestyles are not known for their efficiency so whatever helps in that dept.

Man I feel like a kid waiting for christmas.
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Freestyle before the ABFS / Freestyle PRo with the hawk bolt ( HR1) really suck on efficiency.

Each of the freestyle varies differently: the NDFS when it was new cost about 650, i think that one is only the pro version, the fs7 is better than the ndfs in termm of technology wise. They incorporate a better bolt into the fs7.

As for price: the lower the better? generally you can find used one for about 150 to 200 for used one, as for new one, maybe 250-300 ish? I haven't bought a new FS since my ABFS, but just look at the price on pbnation and see what they offer.
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