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Wycke 12-14-2006 12:33 PM

BKO trigger adjustment
OK, I finally got to air up my 2k4 BKO the other day and fiddle with it a bit. I set about adjusting the trigger to my liking, following the instructions in the online manual. The manual says that there are two adjustment screws, but I seem to have three. The lowest one adjusts the overall travel of the trigger, and I believe the highest one (closest to the body of the gun) is the one that actually hits the microswitch, but I can't seem to determine what the middle one does? Is it for adjusting the return spring tension (and thereby the "weight") of the trigger? I turned it all the way in and all the way out without feeling any noticeable difference in the operation of the trigger. The top one, unfortunately, seems to be unmoveable. I think someone used the wrong kind of loctite on it. If I can't break it free, I might have to pick up an aftermarket trigger. In that case, any recommendations? I like the style of the stock trigger and don't really go for any of the fancy stuff (like the "nekked lady" triggers and such).

Also, I ran through some dry-firing with CO2 (since my HPA tank has a slow leak and has emptied since the last time I played). The reg (PPS Fatty) frosted over after about 50 rapid-fire shots. After another 20 or so, the gun seemed to freeze as well. It sounded like a Mag that's frozen with CO2 venting down the barrel. It only vented for a second or two and then stopped. I let everything warm back up and it was fine for another 40-50 shots. I don't think I'll be using CO2 with this thing unless it's 90+ degrees outside. :(

grimace 12-18-2006 03:14 PM

I can only sortta help since I have a Promaster and it uses the Freestyle trigger which is different from BKO's.

My trigger has three set screws, rear limiter, switch activation, and spring tension. I'd assume those are the same on yours but probably in different places.

If the spring tension screw doesn't make a difference, first of all make sure the trigger spring is actually there. The microswitch has some spring to it and will return the trigger by itself but you'll most likely get crazy trigger bounce. Otherwise, your spring tension screw may be too far out or in. The adjustability in my trigger seems to be within a sweet spot of a couple turns.

The stuck set screw may loosen if you heat the trigger (out of the marker) with a heat gun or flame. That will break down loctite.

I don't think any ICD gun after the "cats" like CO2 at all. I wouldn't use anything except HPA with it.

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