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Well somebody would let you play with it.

These are some fun guys. I donated a couple of guns (Spyder clones) to them many years ago. Glad to see they are still at it.

R/C Tank Combat - The Ultimate Tactical Warfare Game
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Paintball UGV

Here is a new concept in Paintball. I have developed a wireless RC Vehicle with a Spider Pilot or "Imagine" Electronic marker mounted to it. The vehicle is a 4WD Electric E Maxx. Of course, it may take some of the fun out of the game, but it also adds another level of interest. With the addition of a camera and a display, You can sit back in some safe location and send this capable little UGV out there to search for and take out your opponents. Comments, ideas? Feedback?

YouTube - Paintball UGV
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My newly put together Spyder EM1.
  • Stock 14" OTP barrel
  • Bandit bolt
  • Goon Squad (CP clone) regulator
  • CP direct mount on/off
  • B2k stock vertical adapter w/ Dye gauge
  • CP Autococker detent
  • Warrior clamping feedneck


MCB +42/-0
PBN +53/-0
eBay +447/-0
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I'm not sure if mine was made by Kingman, its a 32 Degrees Rebel, basic spyder clone. We own 4 spyder/spyder clone markers, but this is the only one we have done anything to change the appearance yet. I am looking at devising some sort of air-through grip this winter, and adding a couple J&J barrels before our first big game in the spring. And i'll be making some ultra light springs to try to quiet the guns down a bit as well.

I've also modded the gun to use the same ball detent as a 98c, it took a few chopped balls to get the final placement right, but i'm very happy with it now. Pics of all the detailed upgrades may follow, eventually.

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Spump we made for a teammate.

Sorry my camera sucks
my feedback:
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Here's my friend's Spyder Imagine that I've been working on since it "broke" (the e-frame died). Added an old Compact 2000 gripframe because I couldn't find internals that would work in a Bob Long Spyder gripframe (if anybody has any or knows where to get some LMK please). Drilled some holes through the little plastic bottompiece and threw a duckbill on there..still trying to to devise some way to hold it on there securely...the plastic slider piece has some side to side and up and down play.
Threw a Sheridan RG-1 on there so even if the plastic holding the bottomline breaks he can still run vertical air without worrying about velocity spikes (last time we played he ran a 9 oz. vertical and was having some major spike issues). Lastly, I threw a barrel from one of my coworker's JT Tac-5 Recon on there for looks (can't fit the volumizer on there with the shround on the barrel though lol).

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well i've long since sold this baby for what ever stupid reason =[ upgraded up the wazoo.

and here is a Bob Long Millenium

and one of my projects a micro spyder

these are the only pictures of my spyders worth posting at the moment otherwise i have a collection of pics of spyders that i miss.
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Wow man, those are some smooth looking Arachnida. What did that first one start out as?
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mr. internet police
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AKA'd Spyder ::

-AKA Tornado Valve
-AKA Dust Cover
-AKA Lightening Bolt & Cocking Rod
-Aluminum Detent Cover
-Palmers Male Stabilizer w/ 600 PSI CP Gauge
-86* CCI Grip Frame w/ Hogue grips
-15* VA Adapter
-Python Compression Kit
-CP Barrel
-CP Direct Mount ASA

Operates at a smooth 375 psi, the best shooting Spyder I have ever shot.
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