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hers an updaded pic of the spump from a couple posts up

added a .45 frame and aci sub zero expansion chaimber

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My Imagine.
16" stiffi .689
Shocktech Supafly bolt
Spyder classic dovetail
Warrior paintball trigger
Empire reg
Lapco Adapter Block
12v revvy x-board

__________________ Itrader feedback from my home forum.
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My new VS2 I picked up yesterday.

For Sale
WTT for GX-3
LG Xenon/GR500

#MCB Fun
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Spacecowboy's feedback
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My coworker's Compact, just threw a bunch of parts I had lying around onto it to kind of trick it out. The red spyder below it will be my pump conversion once I get parts!

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My first marker:
Spyder MR1
delring low blow bolt form alamo city pb
bullit cupseals from alamo city
14" terminator barrel
Pure energy 45/45 CF tank
"ghetto milling"
Because I used a sawzall and dye grinder where most people would use a milling machine.

since the pictures were taken I got a 12" J&J ceramic barrel and Proto primo hopper.
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new hammer set up for stock play
Originally Posted by maloneoni View Post
You damn kids and your new fangled markers. Get off my lawn!
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Spyder "sleeper" AMG
-VS2 internals
-Custom made VA reg adaptor
-CP on/off ASA
-Tadao board w/ chip
-Custom made valve spring adaptor
-50g switch
-2nd detent on side(can't see it in picture)
-Bob Long torpedo reg
-New clamping feedneck(not sure what kind)
-Magnetic trigger

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good work! Brandon is that you, because i swear i smell one of my old vs2s.

Here is my contribution: Hacked and mismatched Plus some custom parts micro spyder.

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Thumbs up

Here is a Kingman pistol I just built from old parts. A CCI changer & the Cram & jam for tubes. Not pretty by any means but what a blast to shoot! The average on a 12gr was almost 36 usable shots at 325 FPS. I need to change the spring out to bring the FPS down & see what the shot count will be.

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