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Location: Burnsville, MN

My new MRX
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Recently purchased a Spyder threaded apex barrel w/ tip. My original intention was using just the tip on another barrel I already had.
For giggles I decided to check and see if it fit on my Kingman Hammer first...

I can not wait to see the look on peoples face when I stroll on to the field with this old beast.
I didn't even need to take the sizing collar out of the pump

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Dude... Wait what?
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this is my spyder imagine project in its current condition
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trinity reg adaptor
evil detonator
dangerous power raps asa


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Just a blip on the radar
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Since I've been hanging around more, guess I'll contribute!

Started with a very very expensive pawn shop purchase of a Sonix....long story. Anyway, I upgraded the crap outta it.

Soon covered it with that camo tape and modified the electric frame for response trigger.

Bought my wife this little cutie.

Stopped messing with it for awhile and it sat in my parts box for about, oh, 6 years of so while I went through a progression of T1's and TESs before I got into "higher" level guns (Shocker, Angel, DMs, Protos, etc.)

Stock TES (Clone of Spyder with some better parts at the time)

Highly upgraded T1 (kinda like a Spyder, but with FASOR) Yes, I stole parts from the Sonix to upgrade this beast. Still one of my favorite guns. Wish I'd have kept her!

Another T1 but this one was just stock.

[insert break for "high end gun" acquisitions and many many tournaments to become "pro" ]

Then I quit playing for awhile. Came back to the sport and immediately tore the crap outta the wife's Victor.

Made an entire website on how to build a Spimmy from the ground up, step by step. Did all the cutting myself with a dremmel, a drill press and a set of x-acto files.

I honestly believe that at the time, I was the first to make an Ego to Spyder feedneck modification. (I think this was back in 2007 or so. It was an idea given to me on SOC and I ran with it. I'd have to look back at the SOC thread to see when it was exactly.) Took the old feedneck from the Victor and then modded it to allow an Ego feedneck to slide on. Worked great, and then a year later, another company made an actual feedneck to use. Dang, missed the boat on that one!

Played for about 2-3 more years (tournament focused) quit again, then came back when I found my old Sonix and did this to her...

Been out of the sport for a bit agaiin, but working on a new gun now!
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There is no Grim Reaper, the shadow cast before people die is actually vikingshadow.
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I used to paintball...?
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Location: The Front Range, CO

Palmers Fan
A few of my Hammer in action!

- Powerfeed Hammer, modded for a Spyder detent
- Phantom grip block
- Shocktech #5 drop, System X ASA
- SP Freak Back, WWA 2" tip
- NcStar red dot
- Modified Ammo Box knock-off rammed directly into the feed
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Kilt Fan
my newly acquired spyder SE with bob long b.l.a.s.t single trigger frame

My Feedback

"Autococker Haiku"
Did it work before?
You screwed with it, didn't you?
Got what you deserve.
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Not as tricked out as most on here, but they all get the job done.
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I like Spyders now
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This is my Compact 2000. I just need to swap to a black Stabilizer and pick up a good on/off ASA and it will be done. The duckbill just makes it too long with my 68/45.

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I like Spyders now
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Location: Costa Mesa, CA - Orange County

The family, minus my Millenniums:

From top to bottom:
-Classic Spyder with Freak, Neo Power Valve, Category 5 teflon lined bolt, SP vertical adapter and expansion chamber, and RTR frame
-Taso Spyder with Taso barrel, SP expansion chamber and ANS duckbill
-Taso Spyder with UL barrel (need to get a finned Taso expansion chamber)
-Compact 2000 with Tornado valve, Stabilizer, Freak, and Dye frame


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