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Screw threads and shtuff

So I picked up a Victor II the other day that I want to fix up so I can give it to a friend looking to get into the sport. Currently it's missing a bunch of screws and stuff and I'm wondering what thread they are.

First off it's missing the grips and the screws. I have some panels I can throw on there, but I don't know what thread screws the frame will take. It looks like it needs 3mm, is that correct?

It's also missing the velocity screw, Would that be something I can order from mcmaster, and if so what are the dimensions? And if not, where can I get one?

And lastly, it's missing the feedneck. does anyone know if I can get a stock 7/8" feedneck from Kingman? I tried calling the other day during their business hours and got no answer.
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You might be able to get the velocity screw from Sundragonpps, these guys sells some of that:
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Cool, thanks.

I finally got ahold of kingman and they don't have any of the stok feednecks... No surprises there. I'll just have to order one.

So can anyone find out about the grip screws for me?
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Dam I remember the grip screws on the victor, they are some dam metric off size. If kingman would just use standard pieces I'd use them more, but they are too cheap. Sorry I can't tell you the exact size, All I remember from that build was that I had trouble finding them. I'll check and get back to you later today if possible.

Ok the screw size is:
M3x8 with a .50 pitch.
I just realized you needed the RVA screw too, I forget the size, but you should be able to pick up a socket head screw that will do the job at a hardware store.

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most of the RVA screws are 10-32 just get one in a socket head at the hardware store
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