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I would love a detent on my hammer, I always get rollouts and/or doublefeeds and it is so irritating!! I will be watching this thread.
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i think you will be fine. Fed Ex was always good to me until my wifes dog bit the driver. they usually don't avoid you unless they have a reason.
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Final plan: wire detente through the top of the marker (just next to the feedneck) mounted to the sight rail. Parts ordered, I'll update when I work on it.

Also fitting a Diablo frame to it (which is NOT cross-compatible as some folks thought). Don't think it'll be too tough and it's really comfy.
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an ego detent is much thinner than a spyder detent....

it might fit between the body/frame easier
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No go on the Diablo frame. The sear sits MUCH lower than the Hammer's and its contact point is far further back. I tried tapping it and adding a screw where the Hammer's point of engagement is but it's too close to the sear pin - either it's too low and won't engage or too high and only auto-triggers. So it goes.

On the detent:
I added a Spyder detent that works perfectly. I drilled up through the body of the marker in front of the front frame screw, then added a second hole angled back towards the first to make a channel where they meet. Next, I widened the first hole slightly to grab the thicker, lower portion of the detent. Finally, I routed out the front of the trigger frame for the base of the detent, pushed the detent into the body, and assembled it all. I used the Hammer exclusively for our last day of play without a single double-feed.

- Works flawlessy (sort of the big one)
- Cheap
- Easy to replace
- Completely reversable aside from a pair of holes that are hidden by the trigger frame.

- Easy to lose when disassembling the marker
- It will eventually get shorn off by the bolt and have to be replaced
- Slight hang-up in the pump stroke when the bolt moves over it

I'm working on version 2 this weekend. This time, I'm using a CheckIt ball dentent through the top of the body at about the 10 o'clock position (I'd go straight down but the powerfeed is in the way). It should remove all of the cons of the old system, the only new ones being it's going to be a bit tricky to get lined up (not a lot of room between the powerfeed and pump arm) and it's in no way reversible, ha.
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Personally, i hate the spyder style....on my spyder i actuaqlly just filed out the slot long enough for Tippy style detent. Always had issues w/ the spyder style wearing out or just plain not working, but the Tippy one never failed me. Just make SURE it is spaced right or it could prevent the balls from dropping all the way into chamber..chop city...
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