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'Ditched the scope - grabbed a Reflex Sight.

Gerry-rigged my old TM7 stock onto the Hammer - utilizes 12g holder for structural support (can still change 12g in game).

Stock held up just fine... very rugged the last day out!
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Finally throwing my version of a Hammer sniper up. Used bits of ideas here and there from other posts on here on MCB. 18" .690 lapco bigshot barrel. 3x-9x adjustable NCStar rangefinder scope. 6 FSR mags.

Getting the grip right was hard. I'd prefer to use the rifle grip, but because the hammer is set so far forward it wasn't feasible to use it as-is so I bolted on the pistol grip that I had cut off. Feels great now, and looks like its right out of borderlands.
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Dude that is sick!
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Waiting on my 13/3000 and working on a way to mount it to the stock and plumb everything in
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Just wait, ive got a hammer 7 that i haven't seen made yet. Not something that no one has ever seen by any means, but its a Hammer 7 project that ive yet to see. Ill have the marker itself Saturday. And hopefully most of the parts within a week or 2
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Official TEASER #2 Of my Hammer 7 Project.
By far the most custom marker I've made. Not turning out exactly how I'd imagined but still proud if the work and can't wait to show it off completed. Spent 5 hours on it tonight using just a hacksaw, exacto knife and sandpaper. No power tools. No more teasers untill it's completely functional. I still need to finish my custom grip frame and mod The trigger and sear to line up properly. Its still a mock up just to represent the design idea.
Waiting on these parts in mail:
Feed system
Mossberg Flex Forend
Lapco .685 bore sizer

Marker Code name is WARLORD
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Ive posted a pic of this on Facebook in some groups but here it is on the forum finally! Also a note, im still working on it but it is functionally complete. The rest is just cleaning up, tweaking, adjusting and a few small things to make it look better.

I just copied and pasted from my facebook so here it is

Due to the overwhelming amount of positive feedback ive got on my one crap picture of this on my kitchen floor, i decided to take some better ones for you all. Enjoy! Also, i listed the mods in the post rather than the comments section.
Hammer7 pump
-grip frame is from a 1990 Warpaint International Warlord pump, hence the name of it being Warlord. I had to modify the trigger and sear as well as make a special bracket to mount it securely.
-feed tube is from Rap4. Its a 20rd spring feed for the T68 Firestorm pistol. It does not just slide onto a rail . I ground off the the lip from the rail so its just an aluminum block. Then ground a little extra off and drilled a hole through to line up with the frontmost silver pin on the feedtube so it locks in place with it.
-The pump grip is for a real Mossberg. Its called a Mossberg Flex. I had do sand down a ton off the stock pump grip but it fits nice and is screwd on using the screws that hold the bottom rail on the grip.
-the adapter that allows the stock to mount is Made by GaT Products and costs $25. It works awesome and actually can fit many other markers with rear ASA's like this.
-The front barrel clamps are just simple 12gauge barrel clamps
-i use the stock barrel but added a Lapco .685 bore sizer to make it the length i need and also a bit smaller of a bore
-Up top ive got Fiber optic 12 gauge sights.
-the marker is not magazine compatible anymore unless i replace the original grip frame.
-it holds 21 rounds.

I have a couple more mods to go and ill post pics when theyre done. Again, thanks for the support and feel free to share it around. Just please give me credit where its due

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Awesome job man.
Now doing leather work! PM for quote.

Originally Posted by danssoslow View Post
I was lucky to get it up with my boy's help.
Originally Posted by Rocket Surgery View Post
Pump ninja in a kilt.

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Originally Posted by brock_averill View Post
Is that stippling or traction tape on the pump handle?
My Feedback

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