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240SX 03-26-2013 09:17 AM

Small burst of air when pumping Hammer 7
Does anyone else's Hammer 7 do this? When I pump the handle quick it lets a small release of air out. The marker still fires but it does have that small burst when the pump handle is completely cocked back (breach open). Anyone have a fix for this?

big jim 03-26-2013 09:28 AM

I don't have a Hammer but, on my older Nelsons, The issue has been due to a miss-adjustment of the bolt to valve alignment. what is happening is that the bolt is touching the valve and slightly opening the valve. This can be due to a variety of causes like if you have an adjustable velocity bolt it could be set to high. On a couple of my worn guns the slot in the breach was worn to the point the hammer simply went back to far. You will need to look closely at how things align while pumping the gun and use a little trial and error to see what is causing the contact.

capitalpaintball 03-26-2013 09:47 AM

Use the pump arm spring guide.(silver bar on the front of the gun) it is adjustable with an allen. just unscrew it until the hammer will no longer catch then turn it back a few turns.

240SX 03-26-2013 09:52 AM

Thanks guys. I'll give the pump arm spring guide adjustment a try.

p8ntninja 03-26-2013 01:04 PM

Yep, my Hammer farts.

lmartin 03-26-2013 02:52 PM

Nice quote you have their p8ntninja.

tymcneer 03-26-2013 03:14 PM

I found that you will also need to add some "locking" compound to the pump guide threads, or they will continue to move after the guide rod has been adjusted. I used a little piece of electrical tape. Others have used teflon tape. I avoid Loctite, only because I don't know the product line well enough to recommend the correct formula for this application.


PistolRogue 03-28-2013 01:47 AM

Blue Loctite is for anything you want to be able to remove later (with tools). Red is for permanent installations (so don't use red on anything you want to be able to remove without a torch). It's pretty simple, really.

tymcneer 03-28-2013 02:33 AM


I'm colorblind ;)



1shot 04-08-2013 11:37 PM

Mine farts too. By unscrewing the guide rod can you esily shorten the pump stroke to much causing feed problems with first strike rounds? I started to adjust the guide rod to do this but stopped thinking I'd be short stroking. Maybe I'm better off going easy on the pump stroke.

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