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Up from the depths (because I now own joedirt's Hammer); what springs did you guys use to tune yours?
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Also interested as well. I have a hammer P and was thinking about selling it because of the weak frame, but may as well make it a killer stock class set up. I've lightened the hammer some and have a maddmann autococker spring kit in it now. I have 12" lapco barrel set and also a freak kit. What should I do next to get more out of a 12 gram? Run the freak or 12" of .684 choke on the ball? Where or how do you guys get your cupseals like that?
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those style cup seals can be found here.

Kingman Hammer Pump Synthetic Cup Seal (5 pack) - I&I Sports

put pretty sure any spyder cup seal would work ??

on a side note has anybody else stripped out their feed neck on the direct feed ? I have on two bodies in the last year. I guess my stick feed fits too tight inside the feed neck. Maybe my next one will go on the outside, fit loosely and maybe use a set screw. Just ordered a new body from ii for $9 on ebay.
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K those are the cupseals I have. Did you modify the cupseals at all? What about the valve inlet tube? Can you show pics of what you did to the bolt?

I don't know if I will take it as far as you, but I can definitely lighten up the striker a bit and would like to keep a good velocity so may want to retain the bolts velocity adjustment unless I can get good velocity with springs only. I would like 30+ consistent shots above 260 on a 12 gram.
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Anyone have any idea on the bolt mod he is talking about?

I've got mine set up pretty much how I want it right now. My striker is lightened up pretty good, and everything is polished and dandy and currently getting 30-35 shots above 240 with my .684 back on my freak. If I could get a little extra velocity from the bolt mod, I could then lighten up my striker a little more for shorter dwell and should get past the 40 mark easy with a 12g. I have no clue what he is talking about tho. I don't even think my bolt has a venturi. All it has is the velocity adjustment screw that you can remove exposing the threads to the pump handle, but then the spring doesn't seat well and it doesn't even look like air is lost to the side holes since the PT is positioned in front of them. Anyone have any ideas?
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