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3022 03-29-2013 08:17 AM

Kingmann New Hammer SC efficiency tunning report
How I have tunned my New Hammer efficiency for Stock Class:

I have switched to the SC configuration after Hamer ~2 years of using my Hammer with siphoned 9oz tank in backbottle configuration. From this reason I do not have velocity graph of stock the New Hammer.

But the performance should be lesser than in case of BE Tigershark (mainly because Tigershark has larger powertube ID, other key parts have similar stats):

On my modified New Hammer was then already lightened hammer - from stock ~50g I have reduced the weight to 28 grams with grinding of the material in middle to reduce the bouncing and get lower sound signature and bette CO2 efficiency. With liquid CO2 it was not problem get good velocity (~285 fps) even with lightened hammer and strong valve spring. For the Stock Class setup it was necessarily use weak Spyder valve spring here to get at least usable velocitz. The results were then:

Not the best - only little better than in case of untunned Sheridan PGP of BE Tigershark. To reduce the losses trought the leaks in the bolt velocity adjuster, I have drillet out the ventury and sealed the threads in the (unused) velocity adjuster. Muzzle velocity has increased for 16 fps in average.

Then I have tested different barrels to find the optimal "paint to bore match". I have testet three 9" barrels: the stock Spyder Compact barrel with ID 17,60mm (.693"), stock New Hammer barrel with ID 17,50mm (.689") and my own "custom" stainless steel barrel with ID 17,35mm (.683"). Best results were with the smallest ID :

Then I have carefully reduced the hammer weight by another 2g (7% of previous 28g) to new 26g - less is imho really not achievable with the stock hammer...

The initial velocity was little lower, but efficiency has increased and already from 8 shoot was the velocity larger.

From 12g CO2 I have no now with this marker 34 shoots above 240 fps. Because he has smaller powertube ID, he has problem to get highter velocities. But if is 240-260 fps enought for you...

From the potential energy stored in powerlet he can transform to the kinetic energy hidden in shoots total 420 Joules. Stock BE Tigershark (which should be better than Hammer because he hat 4,8mm PT ID) can get only 180 Joules from 12g. Most of CCI Phantoms can get between 410-450 Joules. Today SC efficiency records are about 460-500 Joules.

For cheap nelson marker with small powertube ID really not bad...

For far future im planing little mods of powertube and valve nut based on short304 New Hammer PT mods for Redux ( ).

Keebler 04-05-2013 10:52 AM

When you say "new hammer" you are not refering to the hammer 7 correct? Is that the "new hammer" sold buy IIsports?

Jaccen 04-05-2013 11:00 AM

Very impressive. Makes me want to open my Hammer A up.

3022 04-05-2013 11:42 AM

It is the old "New Hammer"... I do not know from which year, but I have seen one in shop at least in 2004. Im not fully informed about the history, but imho there was the original Hammer pump from Kingmann, what should be the rival of BE Tigershark and such like cheap pumps. The original has used similar frames like the old Spyders and the barrel was Spyder-threated. Then came the "Hammer A" and "Hammer P" versions (on which are imho different only the gripframes - from aluminium or plastic - with different price tag). After these there was "New Hammer" - the last and cheapest variant (Kingman Hammer | Paintball Review |

There was likewise Hammer 2 what was Sterling style pump and was anounced even Hammer III what should be in-line semi. But that is different story.

The old "New Hammer" in the stock condition is not just great marker - nearly the all stock screws are bad, the stock trigger-safety do not works reliably long time, there are no ball detents, the plastic frame is weak, likewise the conection of the sight rail with the frame and he has "powerfeed" which is in the way of the "iron" sights. The original brass hammer is here to heavy and the powertube has small diameter. With common 9oz tank in backbottle setup there is bad gas/liquid CO2 separation, with powerlets you having really bad efficiency.

But when you change the stock screws, strengten the frame, add detents, use raised sights and tank with siphon tube, then you have really, really great CA marker. You need be only a little gentle on him because the resistance to damage is even after such like changes not great, but otherwise, the lifetime should be big.

The basic construction of the important parts is here simple, but not bad, the parts are rally good manufactured and made from good materials. The Stock barrel is simple and rought from outer diameter, but it is very good medium bore (17,5mm / 0,689") barrel. I have hat +/- 0,1 fps consictency with such like marker going on liquid CO2 with best paint.

My New Hammer has now modified nearly all original parts (exception are perhaps the pins in the trigger :-) ) and in many aspects he performs like best high-end pump-markers. For example the clearances of the pump handle have been minimized nearly on zero with new PTFE pump handle insert and with modification of conection of the bolt with the pump rods, the all surfaces here are polished and having very small friction.

This week I have performed another two interesting tests (modified PT + valve nut and new valve spring), today I will make another (even lighter hammer). Im hoping for significantly better results than the best last what are here published.

I will put the results here in Monday.

And then I will perhaps modify the stock bolt, which has imho excessive spaces for CO2 expansion in front what wasting imho some gas and reducing thier efficiency.

Keebler 04-05-2013 11:56 AM

If iirc nerdcore got one of these and i think he said it was some kind of Chinese knock off. Might explain ehy many of the parts are poor quality

3022 04-06-2013 10:20 AM

Imho is the thing simplier: it is like with most of Kingmann markers: the original models have been really very, very good (at least for the common prince of them), but with the following versions they cutting the manufacturing cost and making them simple to much. They even add the "features" what looks good but in real play are not practical - like the powerfeed on this pump.

The top models are perhaps still good, but from one moment, the low-end has lost the basic quality, few things here missing and sad is, that it will cost the manufacturer only few dollars more to give the marker a lot better usability. Marketing > quality...

But trought, the "New Hammer" was really great "semi-finished product". Basic construction was good, materials likewise, and the minor flaws and lacking parts can be supplemeted by enthusiaistic tinker.

I really loved this marker:

Super-consistent, very accurate, light and reliable (with detents and siphon tube). But when I have borrowed him to new players, he came to me back damaged periodically (mainly in the area where is conected grip frame with ASA and sight rail). With my other pumps (Sterlings, Tigershark, PGPs, P68) there were not such like problems - "New Hammer" needs be simply good threated. And because I personally do not play with CA pumps often... SC.

3022 04-15-2013 06:36 AM

The last result:

469 Joules in 50 usable shoots per powerlet. First 47 shoots are pretty consistent (avelerage velocity 257 fps) and all safely below 300 fps. 10 new chrono-test were needet do get the marker to this condition (tested were powertube, cup seal and valve nut modifications, different valve springs and different hammer weights). There are only three replaced stock parts on the marker which affecting the efficiency: barrel, cup seal and valve spring (other stock parts needs not be replaced, only modified). I will put here the details lately.

3022 04-20-2013 08:19 AM


Modification of the PT input holes along WGP Ranger PT and valve nut along Tigershark mod:

Effect compared with the previous best result:

Flow inceased... the first 14 shoots were better the next worse. The dwell was not optimal for such like dwell. Withl a little stronger valve spring and a little lighter hammer:

It was a little better:

- first 26 shoots were stronger.

3022 04-20-2013 08:23 AM

Then I have tested different cup seals. After 4 or 6 tests the optimal shape looks be such like:

- minimal OD (to fit in the existing valve nut) and rounded back edges, with only minimal seating space for the spring

And it has such like final effect:

- 47 consistent shoots with avelerage muzzle velocity 257 fps, and total 469 Joules of KE in 50 shoots per 12g.

...bolt modification should follow. Im Heading for 500+ Joules / 12g.

joedirt199 04-24-2013 02:27 AM

my old hammer would almost empty a winchester hopper when i ran a bucket changer out the back. i opened up the hole in the power tube and played with the springs a little but kept the hammer the same weight. i would run it around 260-270 fps. with a freak matched barrel

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